North American T-28 Trojan / Fennec. Photo. Characteristics.
North American T-28 Trojan / Fennec. Photo. Characteristics.

North American T-28 Trojan / Fennec. Photo. Characteristics.


US and France

A type: single-engine piston training aircraft and aircraft for counterinsurgency

CrewTwo pilots are arranged one behind the other

Airplane T-28 was created by "North American" to meet the needs of the army aviation training aircraft to replace aircraft T-6 "Texan", which was used for training purposes for ten years. The final draft of different tricycle landing gear, a large lantern without bindings and powerful radial engine R-1300 company Wright, who provided aircraft "Troyan» (Trojan) (as it was called) a maximum speed of more than 448 km / h. It was put about 1194 T 28A aircraft, and the aircraft has been approved by the Navy and the US Marine Corps.

Marines installed on aircraft "Troyan" more powerful engine R-1820-86 «cyclone" 1425 liter capacity. p., with three-blade propeller in contrast to two-blade on T 28A. The designation of T-28V was purchased 489 copies, followed by 299 deck modifications S. Sales abroad also reached a considerable number, 250 aircraft were purchased by France. In 1960, the US Air Force wished to buy T-28 in the version of the aircraft for a counterinsurgency (COIN) and direct support.


Several hundred of the vacated T-28A aircraft were converted in this direction by North American and Fairchild companies into the AT-28D Nomad aircraft. These aircraft were distinguished by an R-1820 engine with a three-blade propeller, crew armor protection and six underwing suspension points. Süd Avision in France carried out the same alteration of the T-28A aircraft belonging to the French Air Force, named Fennes (Fennec - fox). Both types of aircraft were widely used in Southeast Asia and North Africa, respectively, and a group of these aircraft remained in service today.

Basic data

Aircraft performance characteristics:

Maximum speed: 580 km / h

Flight range: 4440 km


Length: 10 m

Wingspan: 12,19 m

Height: 3,86 m

The weight:

Empty: 3515 kg

Maximum takeoff: 7075 kg

Power point: R-1300-1 of "Wright" (by plane T-28A) or R-1820-86 "Cyclone" Company "Wright"

Power: 800 l. from. (596 kW) and 1425 l. from. (1062 kW)

The surviving airworthy modifications: T-28A, GT-28A, T-28A "Fennes" T-28V T-28S, AT-28D and T-28R-2 «Nomed"

Date of first flight:

September 26, 1949