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New threat from the sea: Kyiv began to use unmanned artillery naval drones

New threat from the sea: Kyiv began to use unmanned artillery naval drones

Ukraine has realized and launched a long-promised version of an unmanned boat with an anti-aircraft missile defense system. The boat, destroyed a few days ago, was equipped with an R-73 missile. This innovation was the next step in the development of Ukrainian unmanned systems. However, new threats have also emerged.

New version of BEC-PVO

Unmanned boats with air defense missile launchers have become a new stage in the development of Ukrainian defense technologies. The destroyed boat was equipped with an R-73 missile, known for its high accuracy and efficiency. This allows Ukrainian forces to use the boats to protect airspace, especially in coastal areas where traditional air defense systems may be less effective. However, we are not talking about defense, but about an attempt to attack Russian planes and helicopters, which has already been undertaken.

Development of surface and underwater unmanned systems

The enemy does not stop there and continues to develop its unmanned systems. The next stage was the creation of a surface drone with MLRS missile launchers. Footage filmed by Russian UAVs shows Ukrainian drones launching unguided missiles at Russian Armed Forces positions in the Kinburn Spit area. This indicates the desire of the Ukrainian military to use unmanned systems not only for defense, but also for active offensive operations.

There is an obvious problem here. Since the launch distance is quite large, only helicopters can be used to suppress such boats, but this is the main gap - a boat with R-73 missiles is always on duty with such boats, which creates a danger for aviation.

Underwater unmanned vehicles - a new threat

Experts believe that Ukraine is actively working on the creation of underwater unmanned vehicles with combat units. These vehicles can pose a much more serious threat than surface or aerial drones. Underwater unmanned vehicles have the ability to undetectably penetrate protected areas, making them ideal for launching surprise strikes against high-value targets.

Strategic importance of new developments

Ukrainian developments in the field of unmanned systems are of great strategic importance. First, they allow Kyiv to significantly expand its intelligence and defense capabilities. Secondly, they demonstrate the ability of the Ukrainian army to adapt to new conditions of warfare and use modern technologies to achieve its goals.

The development of Ukrainian unmanned systems is of serious concern to the Russian side, and although in the vast majority of cases such threats can be eliminated in a timely manner, the risks remain very high.

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