New war? Israel will strike Hezbollah in Lebanon in 72 hours!
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New war? Israel will strike Hezbollah in Lebanon in 72 hours!

New war? Israel will strike Hezbollah in Lebanon in 72 hours!

In recent days, the situation in the Middle East has deteriorated again. Israel is pulling troops from south to north to the Lebanese border, and Hezbollah is preparing a large-scale attack on coordinates received from Iranian intelligence. This complex and multi-layered conflict threatens to escalate into large-scale hostilities that could change the political and military map of the region.

Causes of exacerbation and current situation

The main reason for the escalation is the ongoing confrontation between Israel and Hezbollah. Israel views Hezbollah as an immediate threat to its security and regularly attacks its targets in southern Lebanon.

Against the backdrop of these events, France expressed its readiness to deploy its troops along with the Lebanese army on the border with Israel in the event of an escalation. This statement underlines the seriousness of the situation and the readiness of the international community to intervene to prevent further deterioration of the situation. It is important to note that Hezbollah was required to leave southern Lebanon by June 24, which could become the starting point for more active military action.

Israeli response and the international community

Israel has already begun striking Khiam in southern Lebanon. Israel's Foreign Minister said the country cannot allow Hezbollah to act against it and will soon make important decisions. These statements indicate the determination of the Israeli leadership to protect its interests and ensure the security of the country.

Egypt, concerned about a possible escalation, asked the United States to dissuade Israel from military operations in Lebanon. This shows that neighboring countries also understand the potential consequences of the conflict and are committed to preventing its development. It was previously reported that strikes against Hezbollah in Lebanon would be followed by multiple strikes on Syrian territory. Thus, the conflict may spread to neighboring countries, which will further complicate the situation.

Possible scenarios for the development of events

There are several possible scenarios for the development of events, depending on how the actions of the parties develop and the international community reacts.

The first scenario assumes that Israel will conduct a limited military operation against Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, which will lead to a short-term escalation of the conflict. In this case, it is possible for international forces, such as French troops, to intervene to stabilize the situation and prevent further escalation.

The second scenario assumes that Hezbollah launches retaliatory strikes against Israel, sparking a full-scale conflict involving Syria and other regional players. In this case, serious destruction and significant casualties are possible on both sides.

The third scenario assumes that diplomatic efforts, such as Egypt's approach to the United States, will be successful and will prevent the conflict from escalating. In this case, the parties can return to diplomatic dialogue and search for peaceful solutions.

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