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New life of the MiG-31

New life of the MiG-31



Now, in connection with the sanctions against Russia, and to strengthen our presence in the Arctic, revived the abandoned airbase Kola Peninsula. Returned to Monchegorsk and MiG-31. And once again stood on alert (DB). Again working in the interests of the Federation Council, the Arctic and our group. Once again, our military and civilian court feel invisible air support and rescue forces MiG-31, including.

Link MiG-31, 4 of the aircraft can be kept under the front sight width 800 km. Exchange information with other boards, with ground-based air defense complexes and SART.


When the Kola Peninsula of training exercises (this writer participated in some of them: "Arctic", "Arctic", "North" ...), together with the Northern Fleet, the military, our northern neighbors into hysterics. Two regiments, Monchegorsk, and the regiment based in Kilpyavr, led to the northern group of NATO "around the corner" (as pilots called Kola Peninsula).

The current leadership of the country, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, well understand the need for the development of the Russian Arctic and its protection, the protection of the northern sea routes, the support of our Northern Fleet. And in particular the resumption of combat patrol interceptors MiG-31, with the air bases of the Kola Peninsula.

A program, and has already started modernization of onboard REO, weapons control systems, engine control systems. It's still early to write off once scares up hiccups, our northern neighbors, the members of NATO, a unique combat system. You just have to bring it into line with modern realities of warfare.

And it is desirable that the fate of the aircraft, and other aircraft systems, different types of weapons, decided people competent, professional, caring, sincere patriots.

Combat aircraft MiG-31 BM, after extensive modernization of avionics systems, tracking and guidance, capable of more than a dozen years to cool the "hot" the head of NATO forces in the air, on land and at sea.

instant 31

It is well known for this machine. MiG-31 70-end for x start 80-ies was a real breakthrough, and proactive response to the creation of the American FB-111 and future B-2. And our northern and far eastern borders rather annoyed US strategic reconnaissance SR-71, with unrivaled, at the time the altitude and airspeed. MiG-31 was "our answer to Chamberlain." It was the first aircraft 4 generation. It was indispensable to intercept any tall, high-speed targets, including the infamous SR-71 and stratosphere with the intelligence apparatus.

Difficult was the story of this "breakthrough" of the aircraft, difficult and long. Let us recall the main stages of this unique complex.

The first prototype was built in the spring of 1975 years, although work on the project began in 1966g. A whole galaxy of famous pilots and navigators obletyvala arguments and prototypes.

On September 16, 1975, board 831, the legendary test pilot A.V. Fedotov. And in the spring of next year, all the pilots of the OKB them. AI Mikoyan, no less famous, mastered a new car. B.A. Orlov, A.G. Fastovets, V.E. Menitsky (by the way, the author of a very interesting book about test pilots of that time), P.M. Ostapenko. It was through their efforts that the MiG-31 got rid of "childhood" diseases. The very first navigator-operator was V.S. Zaitsev.

In December 1979 year at the Nizhny Novgorod AZ "Falcon" was launched serial production.


1980 year. The first production aircraft began to arrive in the shelves. First, the new machine has received Regiment based in Pravdinsk (Kaliningrad region).. According to some reports, a second regiment equipped with new machines became 174 GvIAP, based in Monchegorsk.

Monchegorsk GvIAP 174, 1981 in the year began to receive the first MiG-31. In 1982 it was finally rearmed.

A 30 1982 June, at the test pilot GA Pukito overtook the regiment nominal plane aboard 08 «Boris Safonov", two stars of the Hero on the board. In the fall of 1983 years on the air base was the author of these lines. Among other vehicles of the regiment, and I served this board 1 AE.

But, unfortunately, in accordance with directive 1 of the deputy minister of defense and state secretary, a person not a military man, but a purely civilian, Mikhailov N.V. it was decided to disband this and a number of other regiments. Without preserving the name, without transferring the banner, the regiment was quickly disbanded, and the vehicles were scattered across other regiments. It was 2001, it was September 1.


Valery Smirnov specifically for Avia.pro

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