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The aviation industry is strategically important in the country's economy. Every year it develops, and new plans are being created to improve it. If you read the news of aviation in Ukraine, you know that not so long ago this industry consisted of 39 enterprises of various forms of ownership and almost all the components of the infrastructure that allowed the development, testing, serial production of aircraft engines, aircraft, special equipment, aviation units, on-board radioelectronic Equipment, carry out R & D for the production and operation of aircraft, to carry out its modernization and repair.

Today, more than 100 thousand people are involved in the aviation industry. Unfortunately, the current potential is not being used to the full extent, and the industry itself is seriously affected by the unfavorable economic situation in the country. And it touched on almost all the most important components of the aviation industry: air transportation, aircraft construction, transport infrastructure. That is why the analysis of the current situation and the development of scientific proposals concerning possible improvements in the situation are more urgent than ever before. Many are looking forward to with great impatience, what news of Ukraine's aviation will come out in the near future and whether the overall situation will change.

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The specialists analyzed the causes of the crisis in the aviation industry, carefully studied the history, problems and the state of development of aviation, passenger and cargo air transport, the future prospects of the infrastructure, taking into account international experience and current requirements.

On our website you can read the most current news Aviation of Ukraine to monitor the changes in the flights, their prices, innovations airlines, closing or opening of airports, as well as the curious situation in the transport of goods by air.

In the future, aviation Ukraine expects positive changes: growth in the number of airlines to create competition, an increase in the number of flights, tickets cost reduction and quality improvement services. It is expected that the increase in passenger traffic in the coming year will increase by 7%. And all this because of the prospects of cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union. It is also planned to simplify the rights to fly to many countries. All this you can learn in a short time reading news Aviation of Ukraine.

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