News of small aircraft
News of small aircraft

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The largest number of tourists both on short and long distances prefer to use the services of aviation. Exactly small aircraft often involved in the transportation of tourists, especially when delivering them to the natural and other hard to reach for other means of transport facilities. In large airports used by small aircraft as a shuttle to transport tourists shuttle tourist centers. Quite common are the services of small aircraft to commit sightseeing flights. If you are interested in this area, read the news in small aircraft on our portal, which appear daily.

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Unfortunately, despite the fact that the small aircraft is constantly expanding its scope, in Russia it is far behind the development of the world. The first situation is exacerbated by the slow pace of development is too regulatory and legal framework for private and small aircraft that has made this area practically illegal in our country. To those people who are considering aviation as a hobby, it is quite expensive. Although if you are interested in the news of small aircraft and you read them all the time, it is well acquainted with the current situation.

Nowadays, the development of small aircraft - this is one of the main tasks for the entire state and its individual regions. All are well aware of how big the role of small aircraft in the tourism business. And in many respects it is determined, based on the needs of overcoming long distances in our country, the active development of various types of tourism and of the interest of tourists. As you can see, a lot of news for small aircraft more than relevant.

As already mentioned, the development of small aircraft is one of the priorities of state policy. Special support for the development of air transport and aircraft carried out, since 2002 years, and this program was designed to 2015 years. Next will identify new challenges and directions of development, which will appear on the situation positively.

 But, as practice shows, all the developed programs do not contain any specific proposals for solving urgent problems, ensuring improvement and stabilization in the production, development and operation of passenger aircraft, which does not allow us to call them perfect. But it is possible that the situation in the future will change. Read the news of small aircraft and always stay up to date with all the events!

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