Syria News January 12, 2019
Syria News January 12, 2020. SAA is preparing for a new large-scale attack on militants in Idlib, the United States maintains its presence in Syria

Syria News January 12, 2020. CAA prepares for a new large-scale attack on militants in Idlib, the United States retains its presence in Syria

The latest news of the fighting in Syria on January 12, 2020

Syrian army prepares large-scale strike on militants in Idlib

The Syrian army is transferring heavy weapons to the Aleppo region, obviously preparing to launch a new large-scale offensive operation, which should begin if the terrorists are more than likely to refuse to comply with the ceasefire agreements in Syrian Idlib.

According to a number of sources, we are talking about the transfer of heavy flamethrower systems, a large number of armored vehicles and tactical missile weapons, which indicates that the CAA plans to take control of the M5 highway in the coming weeks or months.

US military continues to remain in Syria

The US military continues to maintain its military presence in Syria, despite the emergence of information about the withdrawal from the Arab Republic of several hundred US troops. Experts believe that the US army intends to minimize its presence in the SAR, ensuring, mainly, the operation of several bases and observation areas near large oil fields.

It should be clarified that according to the latest data, the US military left two more military bases in the northeast of the Arab Republic, however, at the same time, a large convoy of equipment, including military, was moved from the territory of neighboring Iraq.