Syria News January 13, 2020
Syria News January 13, 2020. Civilians are being evacuated from Idlib, drones attacked the Syrian air base.

Syria News January 13, 2020. Civilians evacuated from Idlib, drones attacked the Syrian air base

The latest news of the fighting in Syria on January 13, 2020

Civilians evacuated from Idlib

About a hundred civilians fled the territory of the Syrian province of Idlib, which is captured by militants and terrorists. According to a number of sources, the security of local residents was ensured by both Russian and Syrian military.

Earlier, the Syrian military used helicopters to scatter information leaflets, which announced the opening of corridors for everyone who wants to leave the territory in which hostilities are being conducted.

Experts do not exclude that in the near future the evacuation of civilians will continue, however, there are fears that militants might prevent this.

UAV attacked Syrian air base

Terrorists tried to attack the Syrian military air base in the province of Hama using unmanned aerial vehicles. The attack of the militants was thwarted due to the readiness of air defense systems, which shot down several aircraft.

It should be clarified that today the Russian military air base "Khmeimim" is outside the maximum flight range of terrorist drones, however, militants are actively using drones to carry out attacks on the SAA.