Syria News 16 December 2019 Years
Syria News December 16, 2019. US caught selling Syrian oil to Turkey, attack aircraft hit Idlib

Syria News December 16, 2019. US caught selling Syrian oil to Turkey, attack aircraft hit Idlib

The latest news of the fighting in Syria on December 16, 2019

US sells Syrian oil to Turkey

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad openly accused the US of selling Syrian oil to Turkey. According to the Syrian leader, illegal oil production in Syria pays for itself almost instantly, since it is almost completely sold to neighboring Turkey.

According to experts, as soon as the supply of illegally produced Syrian oil to Turkey is stopped, its production in Syria will become a serious problem for the United States, since Washington will not be able to transport oil by sea due to the intensification of Iran’s struggle against any illegal transportation of oil products through the Persian the bay.

According to analysts, the United States receives hundreds of millions of dollars from the illegal pumping of Syrian oil every month.

Attack aircraft walked along Idlib

The Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Air Force, contrary to the arguments of a number of analysts, resumed military operations in Idlib. So, according to a number of sources, today attacks on Idlib were carried out by attack aircraft, as a result of which they were able to take the terrorists by surprise, and thereby destroy a large number of the latter.

According to some reports, the reason for the resumption of attacks and attacks was the transfer of militants to the front line.

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