Syria News 18 September 2019 year
Syria News 18 September 2019 year. Saudi Arabia has attacked Syria, SAA and VKS continue to bomb militants in Idlib. Video

Syria News September 18, 2019. Saudi Arabia struck Syria, CAA and Aerospace Forces continue to bomb militants in Idlib. Video

The latest news of the fighting in Syria on September 18, 2019.

CAA and VKS strike Idlib

The Syrian military continued to strike at militants and terrorists in Idlib, preparing for an offensive operation along the entire front line. In striking, combat aircraft of the Russian Air Force were noticed, which, by the way, carried out a series of attacks in the vicinity of Aleppo, where terrorists have recently been concentrated.



Officially, there is no comment on the preparations for the attack on the central part of Idlib, however, as SAA troops report, preparations are underway for a subsequent sharp attack to take key positions and ensure their defense.

Saudis bomb Syria

Unknown aircraft continued striking the territory of Syria, contrary to Russia's position on this issue. A few hours ago, new air strikes were launched on the city of Abu Kemal, and a few hours earlier an unknown reconnaissance drone was seen in the air.

It should be clarified that in addition to the version that Israeli F-35 fighters were involved in the strikes, there is evidence that attacks on Hezbollah positions and the pro-Iranian military were carried out by Saudi Arabian fighters.