Syria News 19 September 2019 year
Syria News 19 September 2019 year. The UN proposed to support Syrian terrorists, SAA attacks militants on the border with Turkey

Syria News September 19, 2019. The UN offered to support the Syrian terrorists, the CAA attacks the militants on the border with Turkey

The latest news of the fighting in Syria on September 19, 2019.

The UN proposed to support Syrian terrorists

Europe demands a ceasefire from Russia and Syria in the Syrian province of Idlib. Thus, according to a number of data, diplomats from Kuwait, Belgium and Germany urge the UN Security Council to immediately ensure a ceasefire in Idlib, obviously, by exerting pressure on Russia, Syria and Iran.



According to experts, such a reason for the behavior of a number of diplomats is political pressure from the United States, in particular, several hours earlier at the Pentagon, they even stated that it was the United States of America that had achieved stabilization of the situation in Syria.

Syrian army strikes militants in granzia with Turkey

The Syrian military continued to strike at the positions of militants and terrorists. According to the information available to, today in the afternoon the area near the Syrian-Turkish border was hit, and, according to some, the reason for the rocket and artillery shelling was the attempt by the Turkish side to transfer munitions.



Information about the victims and victims is not announced.

Well, the West and the USA have shown their true face, now it’s clear what the coalition is doing there, it initially invaded Syria not to fight terrorists, but to help these terrorists in every possible way, more than once they saved the isles by bombing the Syrian army, the United States at all at the crossroads they shouted that they had defeated the terrorists in Syria, and now the whole world saw what the coalition mission was in fact - not the fight against terrorists, but their protection from the Russian air forces and the SAA, now how they will get out after such statements in Un west s diplomats.