Syria News 20 November 2019 Years
Syria News 20 November 2019 year. Israel attacked Syria. Turkish militants attacked the Russian military. Video

Syria News 20 November 2019 year. Israel attacked Syria. Turkish militants attacked the Russian military. Video

The latest news of the fighting in Syria on 20 November 2019 year

Israel attacked Syrian military bases

Contrary to existing agreements with Russia, Israeli F-16 fighters launched several series of rocket attacks on the outskirts of the Syrian capital this night. It is known that the Syrian air defense systems managed to intercept only two Israeli missiles, while the Russian C-400 were not used at all to repel the attack.

The data on the dead and injured by now remain very vague, in particular, according to some sources, about 10 Iranian and Syrian military personnel died, while according to others, this figure is 5-6 times higher.

It is known that Israel used electronic suppression, as evidenced by the corresponding video frames.

Turkish militants attacked the Russian base

Turkish militants attacked the military base of the Russian military in northern Syria using artillery. According to a number of sources, the terrorists used mortars, of which, in the vicinity of a Russian military facility near the settlement of Tel-Rifaat.

It is reported that several shells fell away from the Russian military base, and therefore, material damage was avoided.

to sell our latest weapons to the Turks was, to put it mildly, short-sighted, and frankly speaking it stinks of treason and those who signed this order must be hung up. and who is we who can sign such orders, eh? and then we wonder where the secrets of the country disappear, and then our own developments hit on us from the wrong hands.

it’s far from the latest weapons

If it is true that Israel can bomb Syria with impunity, many questions arise for our military. How realistic can we resist their attacks? And if the next time they fire at our bases, then what, we will not meet with Netanyahu?

play it seems that both Israel and Turkey outplayed and divorced us like suckers Turks allowed amers to fly over with 400 to remove the parameters of the air defense system, and if we will bay, then they have a Turkish stream that can be blocked at any time! once again they threw us

As long as Putin will have HIS PARTNERS on the other side, they will continue to be boorish in their actions in an independent country and at the same time in parts of "their partner" with his permission. This has been going on since 14 year! When does Putin finally admit that he doesn’t have a chair in the 300 committee? !!! his good SHITS from Pindos will not allow this!
Let answer the only question! why Putin turned his back on the “Russian spring” after meeting with the President of Switzerland, Didier Burkhalter (it seems he didn’t agree with that!) - this country was chairing the OSCE at that time After all, after they addressed the residents of Donbas, they refused to vote on the “Russian Spring” quickly went down to NO.
and then everything will fall into place!