Syria News 22 August 2019 of the year
Syria News 22 August 2019 year. Khan Sheikhun freed, Israel shot its own plane, a new blow was inflicted on the Turkish military

Syria News 22 August 2019 year. Khan Sheikhun freed, Israel shot its own plane, a new blow was inflicted on the Turkish military

The latest news of the fighting in Syria on August 22, 2019

Khan Sheikhun cleared of terrorists

The Syrian military took control of the city of Khan Sheikhoun, located in the southern part of Idlib province. Control over the settlement was restored by 100%, while it was possible to avoid any large-scale battles directly in the city, since most of the terrorists managed to retreat in a northern direction.

Nevertheless, taking control of Khan Sheikhun doesn’t mean stopping the offensive operation, in which the Russian military also plays an important role - already today the Russian Air Force began attacking the city of Maarrat-en-Nuuman, located 20 kilometers north of Khan- Sheikhuna.

Moreover, the Syrian military began cleaning up the terrorists who were surrounded - according to some reports, we are talking about a group of 2.5 thousand militants.

Israel shot its own plane

The Israeli military shot their own civilian aircraft, confusing it with the Syrian air force. The incident occurred on August 21 in the sky above the Golan Heights (the territory of Syria occupied by Israel - approx. Ed.).

According to unconfirmed reports, the reason for this was the operation of an unknown electronic warfare system, which replaced the aircraft identification signal.



As a result of the shooting of a civilian aircraft, multiple bullet holes were discovered in its fuselage - victims were avoided.

Turkish airbase dealt air strike

The Turkish military, still supporting terrorists in Syria, was again bombed. According to available data, airstrikes were carried out at an observation post in the village of Surman (observation post No. 8), located in the southeastern part of Idlib province.



It is known that as a result of the airstrike, none of the Turkish military personnel was injured, but social networks reported the evacuation of Turkish military personnel to the north-west of Idlib.

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