Syria News 22 November 2019 Years
Syria News November 22, 2019. The "super strike" of the Russian Aerospace Forces on the militants was caught on video, the American aircraft destroyed the Syrian ships with oil.

Syria News 22 November 2019 year. The super-blow of the Russian air forces for militants hit the video, US aviation destroyed Syrian ships with oil

The latest news of the fighting in Syria on November 22, 2019

VKS supersky bombed on Syrian terrorists

The Russian aerospace forces dropped dozens of bombs on terrorist positions in response to a series of missile attacks by militants. As can be seen in the corresponding video frames, the fortified terrorist area was subjected to massive missile and bomb attacks, while according to some reports, the terrorists suffered serious losses in manpower and equipment.



As it turned out, the airstrikes were also associated with an attempt by the Syrian government forces to storm the positions of the terrorists, but as a result of the counterattack, the SAA suffered serious losses, while sources report that the actions of the terrorists were coordinated by the Turkish military.

American aircraft destroyed four Syrian ships

American aircraft launched rocket attacks on Syrian ships transporting oil. According to preliminary data, a total of four vessels were destroyed, on board which were both the Syrian Kurds and the Syrian military.



At the moment, it is known that the attacks were carried out by US Air Force aircraft, but the US side has not officially commented on such an attack. No information on injured or casualties.