Syria News January 23, 2020
Syria News January 23, 2020. A Russian rocket demolished a multi-storey building in Syria with militants inside, the VKS had to defend a column of Russian military.

Syria News January 23, 2020. A Russian rocket demolished a multi-storey building in Syria with militants inside, the VKS had to defend a column of Russian military.

The latest news of the fighting in Syria on January 23, 2020

Russian fighter demolished a building with terrorists in Syria

The Russian air forces have launched large-scale attacks on terrorists in Idlib province. The air strikes of the Russian air forces began at dawn, while the Syrian air force also took an active part in the destruction of terrorists.



In the video footage presented, you can see how terrorists occupied one of the buildings west of the city of Aleppo, however, as a result of a direct hit by a missile fired by the Russian Aerospace Forces, the building was quickly destroyed - according to some data, about three dozen terrorists were killed as a result of an air strike.

It should be clarified that the bombing of Aleppo lasted all day.

Russian Mi-35 had to beat off a military patrol

Russian attack helicopters had to defend a Russian military convoy in northern Syria. The reason for this was the attack by the Kurds, and although the attack was exclusively Turkish forces, marching as part of the Russian military convoy, the Russian Mi-35 attack helicopters were forced to shoot heat traps, as well as tear gas ammunition.



It should be noted that as a result of the clashes no one was hurt.

With this heading, I see snotty boys who throw stones off the road into passing armored vehicles. Straight Khan technique! Is it made of wallpaper from the Turks?

It is necessary to block the border of Syria with Iraq and the Americans will leave for Iraq. It is necessary to carry out a strike along the border with Turkey in Idlib. And ISIS will lose large arms shipments from Turkey to them. And the Ishilovites will significantly reduce their attacks.

The Kurds, almost always, are looking for "their own benefit", therefore they "change" the color - either yours or ours !? They will probably be "convinced" only by POWER, but Russia is a diplomat, so we are "waiting, sir."

Until the Kurds are put in place, it will be difficult for the Americans to understand. We need public consequences for the Kurds who attacked the Russian police. It is very difficult to understand the logic of Russia, but so far it can only be justified by the benefit of oil companies, which are bought for the honor and life of Russian soldiers.

Turkish-Kurdish conflict is a constant hemorrhoids for Russia
"stab in the back" Russia has always had good relations with the Kurds Kurds also pinned their hopes to the last and this has to be linked and resolved in relations with the Turks ... a difficult task, but all three parties know this ... it is especially important for the Kurds not to harm the Russian side, so as not to spoil the relations that exist and thereby not give an additional chance to the Turks. The Turks have a similar task.

Where did the military bird cherry, aftar, wake up from?


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