Syria News 24 August 2019 of the year
Syria News 24 August 2019 year. The offensive is halted, Turkish troops under siege, Jaish al-Islam ends

Syria News 24 August 2019 year. The offensive is halted, Turkish troops under siege, Jaish al-Islam ends

The latest news of the fighting in Syria on 24 August 2019 year

SAA stopped the attack

After successfully liberating the northern part of Hama province and taking control of the large settlement of Khan Sheikhun, Syrian government forces unexpectedly stopped the attack on the positions of militants in Idlib. According to experts, the reason for this was the request of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to meet with Vladimir Putin.

At the moment, the Syrian government forces, as well as the Russian air forces, are carrying out attacks on the positions of the militants in Idlib, which indicates that the offensive will continue, however, we are not talking about any specific dates for the continuation of the operation.

Turkish military surrounded

The Turkish military continues to be under siege by Syrian government forces. Against the backdrop of Turkey’s refusal to leave the area of ​​Morek, there was information that without permission from the Syrian military command, the Turkish military was forbidden to leave the observation post.

Jaish al-Islam surrenders

Terrorists "Jaish al-Islam" (a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - approx. Ed.) Did not rule out its collapse. The reason for this was the massive loss of militants in Hama and the complete lack of support from the United States and Turkey, which had previously provided support to terrorists.

According to a number of sources, in Jama, Jaish al-Islam terrorists lost 92% of their armored vehicles and about 80% of militants

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