Syria News January 7, 2020
Syria News January 7, 2020. Putin flew to Syria, dozens of militants surrendered in Idlib. Video

Syria News January 7, 2020. Putin flew to Syria, dozens of militants surrendered in Idlib. Video

The latest news of the fighting in Syria on January 7, 2020

Vladimir Putin arrived in Syria

Vladimir Putin made an unexpected visit to Syria. A few hours ago, the President of Russia arrived in the Syrian capital, taking advantage of, according to experts very surprisingly, the board of a special control and communication aircraft Tu-214PU-SBUS.



According to official data, after arriving in the Syrian capital, the Russian president went to the headquarters of the Russian group of forces in Syria, where he met with the President of the SAR, Bashar al-Assad.

It should be clarified that earlier the visit of the Russian leader to Syria was not reported.

Dozens of militants capitulate in Idlib



As a result of the terrorists' attempts to counterattack on the position of the SAA, the latter were surrounded, and they had to capitulate - we are talking about several dozen militants, which greatly simplified the process of further assault on the territory controlled by terrorists.

It should be clarified that the Syrian army temporarily suspended the offensive due to the destabilization of the situation in the Middle East, however, attacks on terrorist positions continue.

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