Syria News 8 October 2019 Year
Syria News 8 October 2019 year. Turkish F-16 attacked Syria, Russian fighters spotted in pursuit of Israeli aircraft

Syria News 8 October 2019 year. Turkish F-16 attacked Syria, Russian fighters spotted in pursuit of Israeli aircraft

The latest news of the fighting in Syria on October 8 2019 of the year

Turkey launched an invasion of Syria

Turkey launched its first air strikes in northern Syria, marking the start of a military operation against the Kurds.

A few hours before midnight, Turkish F-16 fighters delivered at least 4 air strikes, of which two fell on a column of military equipment, while two more strikes destroyed bridges, which, according to experts, seriously complicated the Kurds, which form the basis of the Syrian democratic forces, support from neighboring Iraq and the US military.

According to some reports, the Kurds have already turned for help to the Syrian government forces, however, given the fact that the Syrian democratic forces have been repeatedly involved in military operations against the SAA, the Syrian military Kurds will not provide any assistance, at least until the intersection of the interests of the Syrian and the Turkish authorities.

VKS fighters chase Israeli planes again

Russian fighters were spotted over the southern part of Syria. As noted by at least three sources, this was due to an attempt by the Israeli Air Force to violate the boundaries of the airspace of the Arab Republic.

According to the Telegram community of Gallifrey Technologies, Russian airborne fighters appeared not far from the southern Syrian border when Israeli aircraft were there.

According to the Syrian Military Capabilities, the incident took place around the time when Turkish fighters attacked the northwestern part of the Arab Republic, which may indicate that Tel Aviv could hide behind Turkish attacks.

Sentry Syria’s information also suggests that 15-20 minutes before Russian fighters appeared over southern Syria, the latter did take off from the Khmeimim air base.

Nevertheless, despite all this evidence, there are no comments on this score either from Russia, or from Israel, or from Syria.

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