Syria News February 9, 2020
Syria News February 9, 2020. The Russian military was allowed to shoot down Israeli planes at the slightest threat, Turkey is preparing a strike on the Syrian and Russian troops.

Syria News February 9, 2020. The Russian military was allowed to shoot down Israeli planes at the slightest threat, Turkey is preparing a strike on the Syrian and Russian troops

Russian military allowed to shoot down Israeli planes without warning

The media report that the Russian military in Syria received the right to shoot down any Israeli military aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles, which not only invade the airspace of the Arab Republic, but also pose the slightest threat.

“According to the established rules of military operations of the Russian army in Syria, the commander of the air defense system can conduct direct fire without asking his superiors in an emergency, and the commander can be ordered to shoot down an unknown plane that entered the air defense identification zone. It is worth noting that after the briefing, Russian President Putin gave the corresponding order to the commander of the Russian air defense forces in Syria and once again stressed that any unidentified aircraft near the Khmeimim Air Force base should be destroyed. In fact, it is perfectly understandable that President Putin is showing strength to Israel and warning him not to be dishonest in Syria and not to act rashly. ", - reports the edition "Sohu"



If such information is true, the Russian and Syrian military can indeed begin to launch proactive fire on Israeli aircraft, helicopters and drones.

More than a hundred Turkish tanks are preparing to attack the Russian and Syrian military

Turkey plans to launch a large-scale attack against the Syrian army, involving more than a hundred tanks, armored vehicles, aircraft and artillery, intending to return to the control of the terrorists the entire liberated part of the territory of Idlib and Aleppo.

“CAA continues its progress not only towards Idlib, but also along the M5 highway. Just a few hours ago, Syrian troops liberated three settlements located on this highway from terrorists at once. Among them is Sheikh Ahmed, which is located at the crossroads of the M5 with a road leading to the mentioned military base of Al-Mastum, where the Turkish military are located. If you look at the map, the question arises about the further tactics of CAA. If the Syrian government forces conduct an offensive exclusively along the Sarmin-Idlib road, then there is a possibility that Turkish troops could bombard advancing assault groups from two flanks: from Al-Mastum and Taftanaz. All this looks like a trap set up by the Turks for SAA ”, - quotes the publication of the Military Review.

How exactly such an opinion corresponds to reality is unknown, however, given the fact that the Russian military is also on the fronts, it is obvious that Turkey intends to begin to confront Russian troops in the territory of the Arab Republic.

And if the identified? The Izriltans did not seem to disguise themselves. They can always be identified. Avia about as always, again lied

who is our ally and who is the direct enemy, although he portrays himself as a friend?


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