Syria News 9 September 2019 year
Syria News 9 September 2019 year. Israel attacks Syria despite C-400, Israel accused Syria of rocket fire, Russian drone shot down

Syria News 9 September 2019 year. Israel attacks Syria despite C-400, Israel accused Syria of rocket fire, Russian drone shot down

The latest news of the fighting in Syria on 9 September 2019 year.

Israeli F-35 attacked Syria

Despite the fact that some of the best air defense and missile defense systems in the world are located on the territory of Syria, including Russian S-400 air defense systems, Israeli combat aircraft launched a new missile strike on the eastern part of the Arab Republic.

The information provided on social networks indirectly indicates the fact that F-35 fighters, which unhindered a missile attack on the city of Abu Kemal, could have been involved in the attack on Israel.

According to an Israeli source, the attack was carried out directly through the territory of Syria, which raised a number of doubts about the effectiveness of the Russian S-400 air defense systems and the Syrian S-300 air defense systems.

Israel fired rockets from Syria

This morning, the Israeli side accused official Damascus of launching rockets from Israel, stressing that Syria should be held responsible for any threats against the Jewish state.

The Israeli side did not provide any evidence, in connection with which, experts doubted such a statement, believing that this is just another ploy of Tel Aviv to strike in Syria.

Militants shot down Russian drone

In the southern part of the Syrian province of Idlib, a Russian reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down. Initially, the terrorists announced the destruction of a reconnaissance aircraft, however, as it turned out, we are talking only about a drone.

Experts draw attention to the fact that so far the Russian military has sought to maintain stability in Idlib, however, given the actions of the terrorists, we are obviously talking about the resumption of air strikes by the air forces, although no official comments were made on this subject.

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