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News Military Aviation

News Military Aviation


What will tell the news of military aviation?


Nowadays, the development of military aviation - one of the main directions of the military policy. Every state pays the modernization of the Armed Forces of attention. Every year a training of highly skilled professionals, updated appliances, test work. Military aircraft should effectively solve the tasks assigned to it, namely to ensure the national security of the country. Read the news of military aircraft on our website and always be aware of the latest developments.


For many countries, including our, development of combat aircraft - is a priority direction of the country's military policy. A huge role in the development of modern aircraft belongs to the history of Russian combat aircraft, all of which are well understood.

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We can be proud of the heroic history of military aviation, never forget the names of the brave, courageous and talented people who have been actively involved in the development of the country's air force. It was the first time we were polar squadrons and aerobatic aces were created by the legendary attack aircraft, fighters and bombers that ensure superiority over the enemy in World War II. You can regularly read the news of military aviation and not to miss any important event.


It is unlikely that the designers of the first aircraft could imagine what would happen to their creation through 30-40 years. At the initial stage of development of Russian aviation first flights in aerial units were made not higher than the fence, so that no stowaway viewers could not see a miracle. They were held at the Moscow Hippodrome. Although at the time the aircraft has not yet been able to rise so high. Their achievement - flying at a height of several tens of meters above the ground.


In general, it is worth noting that the development of aviation was quite rapid. Aviation has been used successfully in both the economy and the war. All is well aware that the plane - is not only a great vehicle, but effective combat weapon. News military aviation will tell you about the many events that are not to be missed.


As is well known, from the outset in the development of aviation is clearly seen three major aspirations: an increase in speed, altitude and range. Until now, such provisions are moving the idea of ​​designers and are a major concern of all plants and firms that specialize in aircraft.

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