New air carriers of Russia: necessity or luxury?
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New air carriers of Russia: necessity or luxury?

New air carriers of Russia: necessity or luxury?


Despite the crisis situation on the territory of the Russian Federation, more and more news and official reports appear that in the near future several new air operators may appear on the territory of our country. This is not about large air carriers, but only about airlines specializing in regional and local passenger transportation, however, experts believe that the creation of new air carriers at the moment has no prospects, and rather, given the existing problems in civil aviation, such an initiative may Be disastrous for other airlines.



A few weeks ago, the information resource already reported that in the near future in the Crimean peninsula may begin to operate a local airline, which will initially specialize in the implementation of passenger flights within the region, and later, can also begin to operate and at the interregional level. Certainly, it can be said that the development of local air transportation is always an important task, however, it would be much more promising not to create the "Crimea Nash" airline, but this supposed name should appear with the Crimean air operator, and allow other airlines to operate on internal routes, Including with the allocation of possible benefits from the state budget, which would be more effective and effective.



Among other things, this week there was also official information that Kolyma may have its own regional air operator, which will carry out air transportation between small settlements. The situation in this case, again, can be twofold - either the air carrier will immediately begin to conduct its effective activities with a profit, or the new airline will start to get dirty in debt, providing, among other things, problems to other air operators.

In fact, the most rational way out of this situation would be waiting for the normalization of the situation in the country and the civil aviation in the whole economy, and already with this in mind, it will be possible to try to create a new airline, since otherwise, the prospect of such actions is extremely questionable, and in some cases altogether unacceptable.


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