New red lines? Romanian Patriot systems will cover the southern regions of Ukraine
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New red lines? Romanian Patriot systems will cover the southern regions of Ukraine

New red lines? Romanian Patriot systems will cover the southern regions of Ukraine

During the recent visit of Romanian President Klaus Iohannis to Washington, significant negotiations took place with American President Joe Biden, the highlight of which was the discussion of the possibility of transferring the Patriot air defense system to Ukraine. This issue once again raised the topic of strategic interaction between NATO countries and Ukraine in the context of the alleged Russian threat.

Western actions

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, Western countries have gradually increased their military support, seeking to provide Ukraine with various types of modern equipment. Moreover, every step along this path causes not only political, but also moral discussions, especially when it comes to the transfer of weapons that can significantly change the balance of power in the region.

Romania, having signed a contract with Washington for the supply of seven Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems in 2017, has become one of the key players in Eastern European security. According to Western media reports, out of seven complexes, only one was delivered to the territory of Romania, which makes the issue of their use extremely relevant.

In the context of these negotiations, Iohannis emphasized the need for mutual benefit, speaking about the inadmissibility of leaving Romania without an adequate level of air defense. This statement reflects a broader issue in relations between allies, where support for one side must be accompanied by compensation for the supporting country in order to ensure its security and interests.

New escalation

The possibility of deploying Patriot systems near the Ukrainian border is also seen as a compromise solution that would allow Romania to strengthen its security and at the same time support Ukraine. This could mark a new stage in the development of strategic relations between NATO and Ukraine, emphasizing mutual dependence and the desire to strengthen regional security.

This approach could be quite risky for Romania, since any measures against Russian aircraft, missiles or drones would automatically involve this country in a conflict against Russia. However, there is an option according to which Patriot systems will track drones, missiles and Russian aircraft, transmitting data to Ukrainian air defense systems.

Approaching direct conflict

Experts note that the West is becoming increasingly involved in the conflict against Russia, and although at the moment there has been no direct action between the two sides, there is a risk that the conflict could begin as early as this year.

What is quite remarkable is that the West ignores Russia’s position, intending to transfer not only modern weapons, but also to ensure the presence of its troops on the territory of Ukraine.

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