New “Patriots” for Kyiv: the United States does not skimp on weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine
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New “Patriots” for Kyiv: the United States does not skimp on weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

New “Patriots” for Kyiv: the United States does not skimp on weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The United States continues to increase assistance to Ukraine, transferring another Patriot air defense system. The New York Times reports that the decision to send this air defense system was made by President Joseph Biden after consultations with a number of senior officials. American administration spokesman John Kirby, in turn, avoided directly confirming or denying this information.

Delivery of the Patriot system

At the moment, the known Patriot installation, intended for transfer to Ukraine, is located in Poland. This system will be the second at the disposal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, delivered from overseas. In addition to this, Washington also plans to send significant amounts of ammunition to Ukraine to support the operation of these air defense systems.

It is worth noting that Germany also made a significant contribution to strengthening Ukrainian air defense by donating two Patriot systems. In the near future, Berlin plans to send two more such complexes, one of which is currently deployed in Poland. Despite this, Ukrainian authorities continue to insist on the need for additional supplies.

Ukraine's requests for military assistance

President Vladimir Zelensky has repeatedly emphasized that Ukraine requires significantly more air defense systems to effectively protect against attacks by the Russian Armed Forces. According to his statements, the country needs about 25 battalion Patriot kits, which includes from 400 to 800 launchers. However, the total number of such complexes outside the United States is estimated at approximately 200-220 units, which corresponds to 50 batteries and 12 battalion sets.

Zelensky made this request to the allies during the opening of the conference on the restoration of Ukraine in Berlin. He noted that additional air defense systems will help significantly strengthen the country's defense, especially in light of the ongoing attacks on the military-energy infrastructure.

Russian reaction and forecasts

Russia, in turn, invariably criticizes such actions of the West, considering them as direct interference in the conflict and an attempt to weaken its position. The transfer of additional air defense systems to Ukraine could lead to an escalation of tension not only at the front, but also in international relations.

However, it is clear that Ukraine and its Western allies intend to continue efforts to strengthen the country's defense capabilities. In this situation, Russia must be prepared to adapt its strategy and tactics, taking into account new challenges that may arise as a result of strengthening Ukrainian air defense.

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