New center for repair of helicopter engines in Singapore
New center for repair of helicopter engines in Singapore

New center for repair

helicopter engines in Singapore



Negotiations and signed the final agreement on the opening of Singapore's Centre for the maintenance and repair (AMROS) helicopter engines RR300.

The center will be located in Seletar Aerospace Park in the area of ​​equal 32300 square feet, where the line will be installed for the repair and testing of parts and mechanisms RR300 engines and Rolls-Royce M250 TOIR. The agreement covers the period beginning with the year 2014 2021 until the end of the year.


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The area within the jurisdiction of the center, and which will be given to the whole range of services, including the Asia-Pacific region and Russia. Service center will benefit operators, dealers, distributors, trading and service representative maintenance services of helicopters Robinson R66 and other aircraft fitted with engines RR300. Aeronautical products, which uses engines RR300, RR M250 widespread in the Asia-Pacific region, and each year the number of its growing, particularly due to the rapid economic growth of China.

Helicopters have been widely used as a large state-owned companies as well as individuals. Rapidly growing demand for the provision of various services, maintenance and insurance of helicopters. To address these issues and organized center for helicopter engines in Singapore.

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