The new F-35. Upgrading the fighter to F-35A, F-35B, A-35Cs
The new F-35. Upgrading the fighter to F-35A, F-35B, A-35Cs

New F-35. Upgrading the fighter to F-35A, F-35B, A-35Cs.


Tactical fighter F-35 Cs test flights resumed after a break caused by emergencies occurred in the tests conducted on the US aircraft carrier "Nimitz". Resumed flight program that runs under the control of the US Navy for a new generation of fighters.

Underway testing of takeoffs and landings from the deck of an aircraft carrier with the ability to achieve the best results of all systems and the safe operation of aircraft and carrier services.

A program to create a new 5th generation fighter, worth about $ 400 billion, was put on hold after the Pratt & Whitney F-35 engine caught fire. Due to problems with engine systems, the debut of the F-35 in the UK at the annual aviation show was postponed, the test flight schedule was disrupted with a lag of 45 days. Complications with the F-35 engines have exacerbated the competition for the purchase of US Navy fighters. Some experts are in favor of purchasing a Boeing F / A-18E / Fs fighter for the US Navy as a carrier-based fighter based on aircraft carriers.

US Air Force plans to prepare the aircraft group consisting of 12-24 2016 aircraft by August, completely ready to perform tactical missions.

Description: F-35 1

The company Lockheed Martin offers to implement F-35 plane, discount for international partners who are willing to participate in financing the project. The company plans to realize 750 aircraft, including 612 units in the country: the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark, Turkey, Canada, Japan, Israel and South Korea. The preliminary price of F-35 80-fighter is 85 million. Dollars from the beginning of the main supplies in 2019 year.

The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning 2 is a range of 1-engine, single-seat fighters designed for all-weather flights and a variety of tactical missions. The aircraft belongs to the 5th generation models and is capable of performing the functions of an attack aircraft, reconnaissance of enemy air defense systems and collecting data on the conduct of hostilities.


Developed three basic models:

F-35A, with standard takeoff and landing (CTOL);

F-35B, with short takeoff and landing (CA);

· A-35Cs combat aircraft based on the Catobar (CF).

The aircraft was designed and built by Lockheed Martin, with active contributions from Northrop Grumman, Pratt & Whitney and BAE Systems.

The first flight took place in December 15 2006 years. The Ministry of Defence plans to acquire 2443 aircraft F-35 for the US Air Force, Marine Corps and the US Navy. rearmament program of the US armed forces is designed to 2037 years.


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F-35 was developed under the JSF program to replace the F-16, A-10, F / A-18 and AV-8B tactical fighters in the US Armed Forces.

US Navy intends to buy 480 F-35Cs, US Marine Corps, a total of 80 units of F-35Cs.


Specifications F-35:

Dimensions: length - 15.67 m, height - 4.33 m, wingspan - 10.7 m, wing area - 42.7 sq. m;

· Weight (gross) -13199 kg;

· Maximum takeoff weight - 31800 kg;

Power plant: 1 Pratt & Whitney F-135 engine, turbofan, dry thrust -125 kN, thrust with afterburner - 191 kN;

· Fuel tank capacity - 8382 kg;

· Maximum speed - 1930 km / h;

Cruising speed - 1.2 max;

· Range of combat operations - 1135 km;

Flight range - 2200 km;

Armament: 1 unit, caliber 2.5 mm, General Dynamics, 4-barreled Gatting gun; on the nodes of the external suspension - 6 pylons are mounted weapons with a total weight of 6800 kg and 2 internal compartments, the total weight of the entire ammunition - 8100 kg