The new presidential plane to Barack Hussein Obama
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The new presidential plane to Barack Hussein Obama

The new presidential plane to Barack Hussein Obama


According to the representative of the US administration, it is planned to replace the fleet of presidential aircraft on new Boeing 747-8 Jumbo Jes.

Boeing 747-8 only in the US, and fully complies with all the requirements imposed for the airliner for the president and members of the administration of hops.

Air Force experts picked up the necessary model aircraft equipped with 4 engines and having a large capacity. Meets all the requirements were only two models of Boeing 747-8 and Airbus 380, produced by the European concern.

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Air Force representatives have not yet signed a contract with The Boeing Company to supply the aircraft, which is being prepared and will be signed in the near future.

Boeing 747-8 replace existing aircraft fleet consisting of Boeing 747-200.

The first Boeing 747-200 was put back in 1990, the second a little later. Both aircraft must be replaced due to service life of production.

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The new presidential aircraft fleet will consist of three Boeing 747-8 aircraft, which will be delivered at the beginning of 2018. 

Presidential aircraft will be equipped with additional equipment, means of communication and security. The aircraft will be equipped with special rooms for the president and members of his administration, as well as a conference room. The Boeing 747-200 78 has seats for passengers, and at the usual equipment designed for interior 400 passengers.

Model Boeing 747-8 747 model is the latest modification. It is equipped with a new wing and engines to improve fuel economy, updated electronic and navigation equipment.

The Boeing 747-8 is a wide-body airliner developed by Boeing Commercial Airlines. Officially announced in 2005. The liner is the third generation with an elongated fuselage and a new wing shape. Also, the aircraft is the largest airliner in terms of commercial capacity.

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Aircraft Manufacturing Boeing 747-8 carried out in two versions: Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental passenger traffic and Boeing 747-8F Freighter for transportation of goods. Deliveries of the first transport aircraft were launched in October 2011 years, and put in the passenger version 2012 year. As at October 2014 years, the company has orders for 119 aircraft of this model, of which 51 aircraft passenger version.

The airliner Boeing 747-8F proved very popular aircraft for transportation of goods, accounting for about 50% of the total freight traffic of the entire world market.

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The passenger version of Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental was officially launched in November 2005 years. liner capacity is 467 passengers in a typical configuration with three lounges according to class.

The representative of the presidential administration 28.01.2015 year announced that a final decision on the purchase of Boeing 747-8 aircraft to replace the retiring fleet.


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Specifications Boeing 747-8:

  • • Crew (pilots) 2 people.
  • • The capacity of salons with 1 class is 605 people.
  • • The capacity of salons with 3 classes is 467 people.
  • • The total length of the fuselage is 76.3 m,
  • • Wingspan 68.5 m,
  • • Wing area 554 m2,
  • • Height 19.4 m,
  • • Maximum takeoff weight 448 t,
  • • Payload 76.7 t,
  • • Fuel capacity 239000 l,
  • • Cruising speed 917 km / h,
  • • Flight range 14800 km,
  • • Lifting height 13100 m, 
  • • Engines 4 GEnx-2367.


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