"Nieuport" 28.S1. A photo. Characteristics
"Nieuport" 28.S1. A photo. Characteristics

"Nieuport" 28.S1. A photo. Characteristics


A type: Single single-engine biplane fighter

Crew: one pilot

The last fighter built by "Nieuport" and got to the front during the First World War. Unlike proprietary polutoraplannoy scheme predecessors plane "Nieuport" 28.S1 was also the first company aircraft, wherein the lower two-spar wing with a chord, almost equal to the chord of the upper bearing surface.

Built to replace the earlier Nieuport and SPAD aircraft in France, the 28.C1 was deemed unsuitable for France and produced for the American Expeditionary Force (AEF). Until March 1918, these troops received 297 aircraft, completing four squadrons with them.

Fighter aircraft suffered the traditional disease of "Nieuport" that led to the loss of a number of aircraft, when, during a steady dive torn off the canvas on the upper wing. It is also often the case of fire due to poor-quality engine fuel system piping. By August 28.S1 aircraft was withdrawn from service.

At the end of hostilities a few planes by sea has been sent to America, where they eventually finished their way as movie stars in Hollywood epics «The Dawn Patrol» (in this movie was filmed aircraft with onboard N5246 number, which is shown in the right photo) and «Men with Wings». Today, there are at least seven aircraft 28.S1, three of them are in flying condition.

"Nieuport" 28.S1. A photo.

Basic data

  • Flight duration: 1,5 hours Powerplant: "Dwarf Monosupap» 9N
  • Power: 150 l. from. (112 kW)
  • Date of first flight: June 1917 years
  • The surviving airworthy modifications: "Nieuport" 28.S1



  • Length: 6,4 m
  • Wingspan: 8,16 m
  • Height: 2,5 m


The weight:

  • BLANK: 436 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 698 kg


Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 123 km / h
  • Right: A veteran of a number of Hollywood films aircraft with tail number N5246 been restored to a state of airworthiness in the UK before it was sold to an American collector, and returned to the US in the year 1993.