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JSC Company "Sukhoi" 13The Sukhoi Company Open Joint-Stock Company, formerly the AVKP Sukhoi Flight Headquarters, is a well-known Russian company that produces, develops and trains flight crews, marketing, warranty service, including the supply of equipment and spare parts for military And Su. The full name is Open Joint-Stock Company Sukhoi Aviation Company (formerly Plant No. 51). The union is named after the pioneer of the Soviet supersonic and jet aircraft aircraft designer Sukhoi Pavel Osipovich.

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The management and owners

89,6 owns the United Aircraft Corporation open joint stock company. 10,4 percent - Rosimushchestvo.

Since 30 June 2011, the general director of the concern is Ozar Igor.

Concern Dry

The main concern now is the Joint Stock Company "Sukhoi Company", which include:

  • 50 percent + 23 shares of the Sukhoi OKB open joint stock company;
  • 75,23 percent of the open joint-stock company KnAAPO named after Yury A. Gagarin located in the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur;
  • 78,32 percent of the open joint stock company NAPO Chkalov, located in the city of Novosibirsk;
  • 71,99 percent of the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Joint Stock Company
  • 9,97 percent of Irkut Corporation open joint stock company located in the city of Irkutsk;
  • 30,39 percent of open joint stock company “TANTK behalf. Beriev G. M ”, located in the city of Taganrog.

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Activities of the group

The concern is the largest Russian aviation holding. The concern includes serial aircraft manufacturing plants and design bureaus, which ensures the passage of a full cycle of aircraft construction work - from design to manufacture and warranty service of aviation products. The main objectives of the company are to increase the percentage of their products on the external and internal markets of civil and military aviation thanks to promising developments and diversification of their own products, to provide the military air forces of the Russian Federation with modern aviation technology.

The products of the concern, military aircraft of the “Su” type, form the basis of front-line aviation of Russia and strategic aviation of many other countries of the world. A couple of aerobatics, such as: “Hook”, “Cobra Pugacheva”, “Kulbit” were first performed on “Su” type aircraft.

The concern ranks third in the world in terms of production growth for modern fighters (according to 2006 data for the year). The company is currently conducting promising programs in relation to both civil and military aircraft. In the field of civil aviation, a program is underway to build a whole class of Russian regional aircraft. Sukhoi Superjet 100.

Su-type equipment has been adopted in thirty countries of the world. Military aircraft of the Su brand were delivered to India, Azerbaijan, Iraq, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, China, Syria, the DPRK, Vietnam, Germany, Yemen, Algeria, Libya, Afghanistan, Egypt, Peru, Iran, Ethiopia, Angola. In total, more 2 of thousands of “Su” military aircraft were delivered to foreign countries under export contracts. To date, the most extensive regional markets for Sukhoi military aircraft are India, China, and countries of Southeast Asia.

JSC Company "Sukhoi"

In the middle of the year 2008 major promising projects of the company are:

  • production of the Su-35BM (fourth-generation fighter);
  • production of the Su-34 (Sukhoi);
  • production of the PAK FA (fifth generation fighter);
  • manufacturing of Sukhoi Superjet 100 (short-haul civil aircraft).

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The sanctions of the State Department of the United States of America

In August 2006, the State Department of the United States of America applied sanctions to the Russian state-owned companies Sukhoi and Rosoboronexport. They were accused of violating the law on non-proliferation in relation to Iran, which dates from 2000, according to which cooperation with Iran is prohibited in the sale of weapons of mass destruction to them. These sanctions prohibit US government agencies from selling or buying any goods, rendering or using the services of these companies. At the end of July, Rosoboronexport 2006 signed a contract to improve thirty Su-24 (front-line bombers) of the Iranian air force, which in theory are capable of carrying strategic atomic weapons. The company "Sukhoi" intends to continue, despite sanctions from the government of the United States of America, to fulfill the terms of the contract.

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Numerical enterprise performance

The total number of employees is over 31 thousands of people. In 2008, the company's revenue amounted to 38,77 billion rubles. Compared to 2007 data of the year - 33,574 billion rubles, this means 5,5 percentage increase in the company's revenue. In 2008, the net loss was 1,585 billion rubles, and in 2007, the net profit was 3,125 billion rubles.

Company "Sukhoi" in the period of 2008 2013 year occupies a leading place in the world in the number of aircraft ordered and export of modern fighters (280 copies). The company in this period, in monetary terms, took third place with a figure of 12,73 billion., Second only to "Lockheed Martin» (15,65 billion dollars) and the corporation "Boeing» (13,3 billion).

Sukhoi takes in terms of money 15,2 percent and quantitatively 19,9 percent of the world's export of multi-purpose fighters from 2012 to 2015 year. In 2012-2015, it is planned to export 109 only Su fighters that came off the assembly line for a total amount of 5,45 billions of dollars. Sukhoi took third place in terms of money, giving way to Lockheed Martin (9,13 billion dollars) and the Eurofighter association (15,91 billion dollars).

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