Defense capabilities: modern design for the needs of the Air Force
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Defense capabilities: modern design for the needs of the Air Force

Defense potential: modern development for the needs of the Air Force


Thanks to successful Russian military developments, the potential of the Russian army is in a much better position than that of its counterparts from the United States, and seemingly multi-billion dollar investments in the creation of modern and practically invulnerable combat aircraft created on the basis of the "Stealth" technology are practically crossed out by the ordinary Russian unmanned aerial vehicle. apparatus that nullifies all the existing advantages of these aircraft.



New, unique Russian unmanned aerial vehicle developed by domestic scientists and aircraft designers, able not only to carry out sightseeing flights on a given route, but also to monitor, if necessary, the movement of enemy air forces. The first tests conducted unmanned aerial vehicles already be called a success, however, experts believe that if a qualified upgrade an existing drone, the tracking of aircraft established on the basis of "Stealth" technology it will be possible to conduct a large radius of action.


Chinese equivalent drone "stealth" detection


Based on the current available data, an unmanned aerial vehicle capable of seamlessly track aircraft such as the American bomber B-2 and fighters F-35 и F-22... Of course, the drone itself is not capable of doing anything against combat aircraft, however, thanks to the transmitter used, this data can be transmitted to a ground station, and then later sent either to the air defense console or directly to the pilots of interceptor aircraft. Previously, a similar development was already presented by Chinese engineers, and now, thanks to the efforts of Russian specialists, such complexes will appear in service with the Russian Air Force.


General scheme of work of "anti-stealth" drones


In fact, there is no secret in the new development, and the main task, which was re-specialists in creating a unique apparatus, was the need to place radar equipment with a centimeter and decimeter range on board the aircraft. As you know, American technology is based solely on the fact that meter waves falling on the fuselage of an aircraft are dispersed, but decimeter and centimeter waves are able to show the true location of the "invisible" aircraft. Nevertheless, given the likelihood that a possible enemy will wish to destroy an unmanned aerial vehicle in advance, Russian scientists provided the UAV with special equipment that creates active interference to missiles and the actual detection of an aircraft on the radar, thereby making it visually visible but unattainable for armament (With the exception of small arms - ed., Ed.) Of the enemy.

Experts do not exclude that a new development may be of interest to many countries in the next few years, and therefore, most likely unmanned aerial vehicle will be available for export, although in the first place, these drones will appear in the Russian army.


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