The image of flight attendants. What should be a stewardess?
The image of flight attendants. What should be a stewardess?

The image of flight attendants. What should be a stewardess?



What is the actual image of a flight attendant? Our memory keeps pleasant memories of some professions since childhood, one of them is a flight attendant or, as we used to call it, a flight attendant. Both boys and girls stared with bated breath at the unearthly, literally and figuratively, the image.   

The image is a holistic concept, composed of external and internal qualities, no matter how the costume fits you, this alone is not enough. Everything is important in the profession - appearance, health, intelligence, natural charm, courage and performance. Each of these criteria should be considered separately.



A neat, fit, slightly above average height, well-groomed young woman. By the way, growth is determined by employers who are guided by the dimensions of the aircraft.

The image of flight attendants. What should be a stewardess?



A very important aspect in the work. Vision, vestibular apparatus, pressure, heart, blood vessels, hearing, everything must be in perfect order, otherwise the diagnosis is professional inadequacy. Early wakes, jet lag, atmospheric pressure, weather conditions and constant standing should be endured by the graceful owner of this profession.

The image of flight attendants. What should be a stewardess?



Stewardess -  a lady of high erudition and flexible inventiveness. An exam or selection into this romantic world is not within the power of every girl. A broad outlook, a variety of views, knowledge of the English language, etiquette skills will be strictly assessed by the selection committee. 

The image of flight attendants. What should be a stewardess?


Natural charm.

Rudeness, falsity, excessive obsession, incorrectness - who would like to face such a thing in flight? Therefore, first of all for the flight attendant it is important - charm and the ability to "present" oneself.



The work of airline employees is a daily “climb” of several thousand kilometers. Not every adult man is capable of this, not to mention a small fragile woman who, by her behavior, is an example for all passengers. And the heroism of a stewardess can be compared to the heroism of a nurse at the front, she must be ready for any force majeure turn of events.



Efficiency depends on health; you can only withstand the entire load with good health and endurance - always on your feet, but full of energy. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg, an easy, at first glance, profession, its underwater layers are endless. Skills of a rescuer and paramedic, makeup artist and fashion model, guide and geographer, waiter and maid, psychologist and lawyer. And, of course, the announcer, because a well-delivered speech after the appearance can win over a person.

A flight attendant is, first of all, the face of the company that sends you on a trip, her task is to make this time period as comfortable as possible. Therefore, the image is complemented by positive energy, a radiant smile and a good mood, how else can you inspire confidence in people. 

But that's not all, the most important thing in the profession is to always be at your best, in every sense of the word. Therefore, constant work on oneself, professional development, self-development and self-control.  


   “The image of a stewardess should be elegant, but at the same time very serious, creating an image of a person ready for all situations! An impeccable appearance is a must for any flight attendant, because this is the face of the company! ”- Elena Lunkina. (Aeroflot)






I remember. what the stewardesses were in the 80s. They were beautiful, slim, strict and modest girls. They did not create the image of strong women; they were laconic, reserved, smiling - and very calm. Looking at them, I understood. that for them, the airplane board is a second home. Everything is everyday and calm, without unnecessary fuss. passengers were "charged" with their calmness and friendliness.