Education in Saint-Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation.
Education in Saint-Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation.

St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation.


Even in the twentieth century on the orders of Prince Romanov, who is an authority in the development of aviation in Russia, in St. Petersburg were created courses and schools for the training of flight crews. This time period is considered the beginning of the formation of the St. Petersburg school of aviation.

In Petrograd, in 1918 year, it was organized by the School of pilots, aviation and motor courses aerotehnikum. In 1920 year on the initiative of NA Rynin and AA Satkevich was organized by the faculty of air communications, dean was Professor Rynin.

After the war began to increase shipments by air, it formed a system of transport and industrial enterprises.

In the postwar years has been a rapid growth in air traffic, rapidly went on the formation of the air transport system and the relevant aviation manufacturing enterprises.

Scientific and technological progress favorably reflected on the processes taking place.

Without preparation dispatching, flight personnel, aircraft production without organizing training, it is impossible to solve specific problems.

Training in high school


  • Departments of the university:
  • Flight Operations (FLE)
  • Air transport and airports (Faapo)
  • Engineering (ITF)
  • Institute of Economics and management of transport systems (IEUTS)
  • Aviation Management (FAM)
  • Humanities (HF)
  • The legal (law firm)
  • Team (EC)
  • Correspondence (DF)
  • Special training programs (FSPP)
  • Part-time (IN)


International relations


To develop and strengthen international relations at the university. Students go on business trips, internships, an exchange student from countries near and far abroad.

The Institute collaborates with academic institutions in Germany, France, Mongolia, India, Africa and other continents.

Education in Saint-Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation.

Achievements high school


The university has a modern laboratory with a social and industrial base. SPbGUGA is considered the basic university in the field of air navigation, the main purpose of which is to coordinate the actions of the public of educational institutions.

The university is working on the development of the material within the framework of TRAINAIR. Under this program, organized courses for pilots and developed standardized packages.

Student life


The student council is very active. The university has a pop dance collective, a vocal group and a KVN team. Competitions such as Miss University, Scientific Readings, Intercollegiate Sports Competitions and Science Week are held every year.

Education in Saint-Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation.



Solutions to the problems related to employment engaged in employment center "Career", located at the university. This is done through contracts with airlines to target training. In St. Petersburg DGAC signed a contract with the airline "UTair", with the airport "Arkhangelsk", "Roshchino" and other sections of the industry.

Education in Saint-Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation.

Every year the number of contracts is increasing. Also annually Job Fair, in which participate 30 airlines and the event attended by more than 200 students.