OKO PO Sukhoi - early period
OKO PO Sukhoi - early period

OKO PO Sukhoi - early period


Design Bureau P. Sukhoi, which appeared in 1938, in the postwar years continued to work on the creation of combat aircraft, taking into account the new requirements presented to this type of military equipment.

The first jet aircraft of the design bureau was a twin-engine Su-9 fighter. As a power plant, the RD-10 captured engine (the national designation) was used. On the plane, innovations were introduced: an ejection seat, a booster device to reduce the large forces that arise on the controls of the aircraft, a braking parachute that serves to reduce the length of the aircraft's run during landing.

In the 1947-1948-ies. there were modifications of the Su-9: Su-11 and Su-13. In terms of their tactical and technical characteristics, they almost did not differ from each other, although on the Su-13 airplane the engine with a higher thrust was used as the power plant. Su-13 aircraft did not perform flight tests. Aircraft were not serially produced - the speed of the flight 900 km / h was already insufficient for the fighter and, in addition, the aircraft of this class end 1940-ies. KB Lavochkin and Mikoyan were more perfect.

A jet fighter was built and tested at 1948. Su-15. The plane did not pass the flight tests. In one of the flights, the famous test pilot SN Anokhin was forced to leave the plane. As a result, he was seriously injured.

Another attempt was made to create a modern fighter. In 1949, they built Su-17, which used the engine of AM Lyulka TR-3 as the power plant. The flight test flight did not pass, all work on it was stopped. In 1947, a four-engine Su-10 bomber was created in the design office of PO Sukhoi. The plane could not stand competition. Flight tests were not conducted, work on it was stopped.