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Ltd. MAK He became the official manufacturer of flight simulators Cessna

Now M.A.K LLC - the official manufacturer of simulators Cessna 172 avionics Garmin 1000


License agreement signed between Garmin International Company and the Russian manufacturer MAK Ltd. April 27 2015 year, it marks the beginning of a new stage in the creation and implementation of multi-functional, high-performance systems for training pilots of the Russian civil aviation. From now on flight simulator for aircraft Cessna 172S in Moscow Aviation Complex Modernization LLC will be equipped with Garmin G1000 - an integrated navigation and flight control system.


Garmin G1000 - navigation equipment of the latest generation, allowing you to quickly receive and use the maximum information about the state of the aircraft Cessna 172 and its position in space, reliably manage and communicate. Color displays (main flight and auxiliary multifunction) and controls that are mounted on the dashboard in the cockpit are associated with groups of sensors located in the compartments of the aircraft. Thus, the Garmin system takes control of all the "life-support" of the aircraft, combines under its control the basic flight instruments and communication facilities, the means of displaying system and navigation information.


What's new have brought Garmin navigation systems to the work of the MAK simulators.  


Constructors of OOO MAK. Found the best options for using the navigation systems Garmin 1000 to simulate real flight conditions. The cadet, sitting at the helm, creates a full impression of weather influences, realistically reproduced the circumstances of takeoff, approach and control of the machine at various heights. The system uses in the work the present maps of the aerodrome locations for the dislocation of aviation training centers, it is capable of simulating and recreating training situations related to the standard and critical parameters of the ship, crew and the environment.

In addition, the software of simulators MAK. Can almost unlimitedly change and combine the program parameters, record and reproduce important moments of the piloting process. Thanks to Garmin equipment, this process has become more visible and reliable, accessible for control and scalable. In addition, now a close acquaintance with advanced navigation equipment does not begin at the airport, but much earlier - in the classroom. This has a positive effect on the learning process, on the steady consolidation of knowledge and skills, allows accumulating and "replicating" positive experiences.


Supply of simulators M.A.K. with Garmin 1000 complexes to educational institutions began


Fitness facilities Ltd. MAK, equipped with navigation systems Garmin, has been certified by the Center for examination and certification of aeronautical engineering, and TsAGI specialists have been certified by Russian aviation. Today they are recognized as basic equipment for basic training and retraining of pilots in the educational institutions of Russia.


The first flight simulator new generation complexes equipped with Garmin, already running at the training base St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation (SPbGUGA)... This educational institution has been preparing future pilots on Cessna aircraft since 2009. Its vice-rector for professional training and international relations, Yuri Mikhalchevsky, praised the new equipment with great approval. The simulators operate both at the university in St. Petersburg, and at the Krasnoyarsk branch and the Yakutsk Aviation Technical School, as well as at the Buguruslan Flight School.


With new simulators Ltd. MAK Russian cadets training centers will be able to more quickly and much more effectively to master the skills of piloting and navigation - first on simulators as close as possible to the real aircraft, and then apply them to the helm of these machines.