The main causes of the disaster Yak-42. Aerosvit. 1997 year.
The main causes of the disaster Yak-42. Aerosvit. 1997 year.

The main causes of the disaster Yak-42. Aerosvit. 1997 year.



1. Failure of the light crew to properly plan and complete the approach and missed approach to runway 16 at Macedonia Airport.

2. The failure of the flight crew to properly use radio navigation aids and radio equipment / instruments of the aircraft, as well as to interpret the information displayed them

3. The inability of the flight crew to declare an emergency when they lost their orientation after going over the second steep despite numerous circumstances warning them of such a situation.

4. Failure of the commander to perform the maximum possible climb in response to the ZSAS alarm 30 "before the collision.

5. Lack of giving orders, discipline and control of the aircraft and confusion and ultimately loss of functional crew.

6. Insufficient control of the company over the conduct of its flights, which allowed and led to the departure of an unprepared and inadequately qualified flight crew and an aircraft that did not comply with national and international airworthiness standards (a type certificate was not issued with the appropriate addition for international flights).


The disaster at Thessaloniki. Yak-42. Aerosvit. 1997 year.


Concomitant factor


1. Insufficient level of flight crew training in cockpit resource management and international flights.

2. Departure of an aircraft with an inoperative VHF / NDV receiver. despite the restrictions provided in the MNP.

3. Appointment of an inadequately qualified instructor pilot for that particular flight that has disrupted and significantly interfered with

coordinated and effective action by the flight crew.

4. Inaccurate indication of the symbol on the corporation chart 11-1 for the lane on which the flight crew is likely to have formed the wrong opinion. that at the airport "Macedonia *" radar service is provided.

5. Insufficient assessment by the approach control service under the above conditions of the difficulties that the flight crew had to face - in the implementation of procedures and clearances, which did not allow controllers to offer any possible assistance on their own initiative, and thus probably prevent incident.

The opinion of the Greek Air Force Major and a member of the Aircraft Accident Investigation Board Mr. I am of the opinion that the dispatching service for landing control of the aerodrome "Macedonia * is CAUSE not to prevent this incident, but not an attendant factor, because according to the evidence at the disposal of CAD, it becomes clear that the ATC has sufficiently formed such an image of the air Vessel, to characterize it as "LOST SELF-GOD. According to Doc. 4444. The involved ATC personnel performed their duties ineffectively, interpreting the information presented in this section in accordance with their opinions. As a result, they did not provide the crew with the necessary assistance in the current circumstances, so that the incident could be prevented.


  1. Full information about the vessel
  2. Information about downloading and ship the balance
  3. Information on meteorological conditions Airport "Macedonia" 
  4. Information about the location and the very clash
  5. Place the debris and factors vizhivaemosti
  6. Analysis: General Crash Considerations
  7. Overview of confusion in the cockpit
  8. The study of the effectiveness of the Manager
  9. Basic facts about the crash of the Yak-42
  10. The main causes of the disaster


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