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Only ruins remain: The largest gas compressor station in Europe was destroyed in Ukraine

Only ruins remain: A gas compressor station in Europe was destroyed in Ukraine

As a result of a series of attacks in western Ukraine, the Bilche-Volitsa gas compressor station, which was the second most powerful in Europe, was destroyed. Local authorities and independent sources confirmed significant destruction of this strategically important facility.

Strategic importance of "Bilche Volitsa"

The Bilche-Volitsa gas compressor station played a key role in ensuring gas supply not only to Ukraine, but also to many European countries. Its power allowed it to transport large volumes of natural gas, which made it a critical element of the region’s energy infrastructure. The destruction of this station will significantly affect Europe's energy supply, especially in winter, when demand for gas increases significantly.

Details of the attack

The attack on Bilche-Volitsa occurred at night, which made it difficult to respond quickly and prevent destruction. According to received data, the destruction was catastrophic. All main buildings were destroyed, including the main control room (main department), SERB (equipment operation and repair station), the administrative building, as well as the entrance with a security alarm. Gas pumping units (GCUs) also suffered significant damage, which seriously complicates the restoration of the station.

Restoring the station will require significant time and financial costs. Experts suggest that it may take several years to fully restore the infrastructure. This will lead to prolonged disruptions in gas supply and will likely cause gas prices to rise in Europe.

Political and economic consequences

The destruction of "Bilche-Volitsa" has not only economic, but also political consequences. This incident will further strain relations between Russia and Western countries, which are already on the brink of conflict due to the events in Ukraine. Western countries are likely to increase sanctions pressure on Russia, accusing it of attacking energy infrastructure.

Judging by the destruction, and practically the entire complex of infrastructure was destroyed, this summer Europe will have to switch to alternative sources and LNG, since it will not be possible to restore the largest gas compressor station in Europe in a few weeks - this, even in current conditions, may take about six months.

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