Selection of candidates for the position of flight attendant. Aeroflot
Selection of candidates for the position of flight attendant. Aeroflot

Selection of candidates for the position of flight attendant. Aeroflot.



-Let's talk a little about flight attendants. How is going selection flight attendant candidates?


First of all, it is stress resistance. People who work with passengers are people who must behave appropriately in any stressful situations. Second, we look at the appearance, the ability to work in a team, as well as the knowledge of the English language. According to these criteria, a staff of flight attendants is formed.


Another factor - there is a limit on the size. Not because a stewardess should be slim, but because she has to work in a stressful situation, and quickly move between the seats. By the way, Russia's size, I will not call it more than West.



- There were legends that with the advent of "Aeroflot", you have reduced the maximum size to a 58 44. Is it true or a joke?


You want me to call the size. Before 48, not 44. Generally, when our girls went to Singapore and see what a selection there, we immediately stopped all the questions and complaints. There everything is so tough that we have is not permissible even in the Labour Code. We just brought everything back to normal. Yes, I sew clothes do not allow more than 48 size, but that's okay. The "Aeroflot" can not be flight attendants that create discomfort for passengers.



- Say, in Russia there is a kind of matrix on which to conduct interviews, and subsequent selection of flight attendants?


In Russia, I do not know. In our company there really is. We have a whole school, which collected relevant girls and boys. We have a brand new stewardess get 2500 dollars a month. Girls who work in business class get to 4000 dollars. It's quite a serious salary. But we went even further. For stewardesses we took a huge hotel close to Sheremetyevo. They've got all the conditions. And it costs us 12 million dollars a year. Thanks to all this, we have a good inflow of personnel. We want to work.



- There is evidence that companies in Asian female candidates for the role of flight attendants are interviewed in a beauty contest. It's true? What is the interview?

Very interesting question. In general, Singapore Airlines are among the best in the world. If not the best. They have a school that prepares for flight attendants throughout Asia. In fact, what they do in Singapore, we will not pass. In Russia, this simply will not understand.


Although, in fact, any profession requires a set of certain human qualities. Including external data. Girls who want to be flight attendants in Asian companies are forced to parade in uniform. It is important for them how she sits on the stewardess. They also look at whether the girl is a good announcer. In serious companies, flight attendants take a three-month course for television announcers. There they learn to speak correctly and competently with passengers. Where did we progress? The flight attendants began talking to the passengers. Previously, the vast majority of flight attendants did not speak English. And other than: "Do you need a cup of coffee or tea?", They could not say anything. When some unforeseen situations happened, for example, a flight delay, the girls could not talk with the passengers. Because of this, many clients were upset and dissatisfied.



            What was nice to hear at an asian school? Now in terms of preparation, our girls are much better than representatives of other world airlines. In terms of security, our school attendants were practically not engaged in school. They have, and so everything "bounced off the teeth."


            As for the service. Singapore instructors drew our attention to the fact that it is impossible to quickly serve passengers while eating. Asian companies are served calmly and steadily. Our quick all brought, quickly all gathered and disappeared. And if you do not press the button, the stewardess does not appear. Now we are trying to do so that the girls were in no hurry, and also appeared in the cabin themselves, and they could ask a question.


Returning to the topic of Asian standards for flight attendants. They even set limits on weight and body shape, which are much tougher than ours. And for non-compliance with these standards can be reduced.  



 - Do you want to say they are weighed?


I was not present. But I am told, is taken into account everything, including weight. I repeat - is security. We are not kidding. Aircraft - is the object of increased danger. If the flight attendant sits down, and then it is necessary to raise all the business facilities, it affects safety. In addition, the vast majority of passengers do not like it.

General Director of JSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" Saveliev Vitaly Gennadievich.

and what standards of appearance must be the guys (growth, size, weight) to the post of flight attendant podabrali.


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