Swollen feet in an airplane? What to do?
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Swollen feet in an airplane? What to do?

Are your legs swollen on the plane?  What to do?


What do you do if you swollen legs in the plane? Airplane passengers often face one unpleasant problem - leg swelling that occurs during long flights. You can avoid this, moreover, by following fairly simple recommendations.

 First, during check-in, you should ask the airline’s employee to provide place itself at the beginning of the plane. Why is it important? The answer is simple: the front passenger seat will not be and, therefore, will be able to stretch your legs as much as possible. This trick is known to many, so to get a cherished place, it is advisable to arrive at the airport well in advance. You can also book in advance liked the place, but the service involves additional costs.

Swollen legs in the plane? What to do? 33

 Secondly, during the entire flight it is necessary to do some simple exercisesTo prevent stagnation of blood in the legs. The first of them - it's the turn of the feet in all directions. To run the second leg stretched forward, his fingers firmly pulled over, then relax.

 Thirdly, it is important to take the most comfortable posture. You should change the position of the body after ten or fifteen minutes. It is useful to walk through the cabin of the aircraft, Of course, only if it is allowed.

 Fourth, not least to choose the right shoes for the flight. It should not be tight lacing or leather straps.

 Fifth, to avoid puffiness of the legs during the flight, you can wear special compression socks or stockings. Let them not very convenient, in addition to these quite hot, but due to the pressure on the ankle and calf liquid will not stagnate in the limbs. Not bad helps cooling gels and ointments, but it should be borne in mind that they have a rather peculiar smell.

 Sixth, you need to pay attention to nutrition. Do not eat salty foods before flying, also it is important to restrict the use of liquid. If you drink a weak diuretic (for example, bearberry), the excess liquid will be eliminated from the body naturally. For these purposes, it can also be used coffee, very few people know, but he has a slight diuretic effect.

 A few take off the swelling and ease the state can one reception. Enough put your feet up for a time standing in front of or next to the chair. Undoubtedly, the use of this advice is only in the event that such actions do not interfere with other people.

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