Open Joint Stock Company "Kazan Helicopter Plant"
Open Joint Stock Company "Kazan Helicopter Plant"

Open Joint Stock Company "Kazan Helicopter Plant"

Kazan Helicopter Plant is a manufacturer of Mi-8 / 17 helicopters, which is a part of the Russian helicopter-building concern, Russian Helicopters. Russian-made helicopters manufactured in Kazan have flown all over the world. more 50 million flight hours Over the entire existence of the Kazan Helicopter Plant, more than 12 thousands of helicopters Mi-8, Mi-14, Mi-4, Ansat, Mi-17 and their variations delivered to one hundred countries of the world.

Open Joint Stock Company "Kazan Helicopter Plant"


The plant begins its history with 04.09.1940, when the Leningrad Aviation Plant No. 387 was built on the orders of the People’s Commissariat of the Aviation Industry, which was then evacuated to Kazan during the war and combined with the Kazan XZUMX spare parts factory. Since the aviation share of the enterprise was determined in 169, it is from this date that the history of the present Kazan helicopter plant begins. During the war years, the company produced about eleven thousand Po-1940 biplanes for the front - for this, in 2, the plant team was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. The production of military aircraft at the X1945 plant grew from a hundred to fifty times as many as fifty copies (1945 times). It was created every tenth military aircraft produced by the aviation industry of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics during the Second World War. Having been actively involved in the post-war renewal of the national economy, the 3,5 — 1947 years the plant produced over 1951 thousands of the first C-9 (self-propelled combines) for the country.

Open Joint Stock Company "Kazan Helicopter Plant"

In 1951, the Kazan Helicopter Plant began manufacturing Mi-1 helicopters - it was the first mass production of helicopters in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The Mi-1954 helicopter manufactured at the factory since 4 was the first Soviet helicopter exported abroad. The enterprise in 1965 began the serial production of the Mi-8 - the most popular and most popular among all Mi-class helicopters.

Plant No. 387 in 1966 was renamed Kazan Helicopter Plant. The company in 1973 year mastered the production technology of the Mi-14 - amphibious helicopter, widely used in naval aviation. The successes achieved by the labor collective were awarded the International Prize “Golden Mercury” in 1980, and the Order of the October Revolution in 1970.

Despite the fact that in 90-ies were objective problems in the development of the Russian aviation industry, the plant received the right to participate in the international market, was transformed into a joint stock company, which allowed to re manufacture, introduce modern technology Assembling complex geometry and material handling.

Open Joint Stock Company "Kazan Helicopter Plant"

The enterprise in 1993 began the development of Ansat, the only helicopter designed and built in Russia in the post-Soviet period. The Kazan helicopter plant at 1997 received from the Aviation Register IAC an official certificate enabling it to carry out the development of helicopters, as well as the first Ansata prototype equipped with an electrone-distance system. He made his first flight in 1999. Ansat is currently, along with the Mi-17 helicopter, the main product of the plant, being included in the actual model range of the plant.

Kazan Helicopters in 2007 he joined the group "Russian Helicopters".


The company today owns the infrastructure characteristic of serial production of machine-building, has upgraded technological and industrial base, allowing for the production and repair of helicopters: Kazan Helicopters manufactures the entire construction cycle of helicopters from design to serial production of its warranty support.

Open Joint Stock Company "Kazan Helicopter Plant"

Mi-17 - multi-purpose medium helicopter, which is an improved version of the Mi-8 helicopter. Currently, more than eleven thousand helicopters of this type have been launched. Currently, the Kazan helicopter plant is mass production of three main variations:

Mi-172 - passenger variation, intended for the carriage of passengers. Special VIP variations are also produced;

Mi-17-B5 - transport variation, intended for the transportation of cargo on the external suspension and inside the cabin. It is actively used during rescue operations;

Mi-17-1В is a multi-purpose variation, on the basis of which helicopters of various purposes are manufactured, including a hospital on departure.

Ansat is a multi-purpose light helicopter developed directly by the Kazan Helicopter Plant. The Ansat helicopter series is developing actively in two directions: civil and military. An Ansat-U training helicopter is being purchased by the Russian Ministry of Defense for military training centers and flight schools and is being supplied in series. With the help of quick-detachable installations, the Ansat multi-purpose helicopter is able to quickly retool to perform a wide range of tasks: transporting passengers, cargo delivery, patrolling, search and rescue operations, emergency medical care, fire fighting.

Open Joint Stock Company "Kazan Helicopter Plant"

According to the program of the Russian Helicopters Concern to create a multi-purpose medium helicopter Mi-38, an enterprise is responsible for the construction of prototypes of the helicopter and the adjustment of its serial production.

In order to ensure the competitiveness of their products being upgraded throughout the life of the helicopter service. For service currently operated machines at the Kazan helicopter plant has modernized repair facility that provides a high degree of repair and recovery helicopters.


According to the problems of technical re-equipment of the plant continues its high-performance modern equipment, introduces standardized procedures and processes. Development of the industrial base is directed at reducing costs and thus to decrease the cost of production, increase in production, which is produced. Thus the task of increasing the reliability and quality of the helicopters, increasing the range of helicopters on size and available options.

Experimental Design Bureau and the research work of the enterprise

The company as a developer plans to build targeted variations and upgraded versions of the Ansat helicopter; work on ultralight helicopters weighing up to one and a half tons, up to two and a half tons. Together with the open joint-stock company Moscow Mil Helicopter Plant M.L. »Upgrades of commercially available Mi-8 / 17 type helicopters and preliminary preparation for mass production of the Mi-38 helicopter. The research and scientific activities of the enterprise are focused on increasing the economic effect of production and the technical level of the plant for the development of products that will be competitive. Every year, up to two hundred people participate in inventive and rationalization activities. Of the three hundred proposals filed by them, about thirty patents for industrial designs, inventions, utility models and about two hundred and fifty rationalization proposals are being implemented.

Open Joint Stock Company "Kazan Helicopter Plant"

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