The answer will be harsh: Experts predict attacks on Ukraine and the West
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The answer will be harsh: Experts predict attacks on Ukraine and the West

The answer will be harsh: Experts predict attacks on Ukraine and the West

Director of the Institute of International Political and Economic Strategies Elena Panina expressed the opinion that Ukraine began to launch massive attacks on Crimea in response to the successes of Russian diplomacy. The visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to China demonstrated the strengthening of Moscow in the international arena and caused a demarche of the countries of the Global South against the Ukrainian summit in Switzerland.

Massive attacks on Crimea

The last few days have witnessed intense attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Crimea, directed not only against military but also civilian targets. Panina believes that Kyiv’s actions are due to a reaction to the breakthrough of Russian diplomacy in China, where Xi Jinping supported Moscow’s demands in the field of security in Europe.

Marine drone attack on Crimea

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that during the night attack on May 17, Russian air defense forces shot down 102 air targets, of which 51 were in Crimea and 44 in the Krasnodar Territory. The enemy also tried to attack the harbor of Sevastopol with unmanned boats, six of which were destroyed at sea.

Eyewitness accounts

Elena Panina in her telegram channel provides eyewitness accounts from Novorossiysk. The attack began at 3:00 and continued until 5:30. Eyewitnesses note that the strikes were carried out on the fleet base, the oil depot in Grushovaya Balka and other facilities. A swarm of drones buzzed over the bay like bees. A similar picture was observed in Sevastopol, where the third night attack in a row was repulsed efficiently, but not 100%.

Drone attack on Crimea

The expert notes that Ukraine is gradually increasing its attacks against Russia. Western media are actively covering these events, presenting them as successful actions by Kyiv and an addition to sanctions against Moscow.

Panina emphasizes that such actions of Kyiv are caused by a sense of impunity. In response to this, she proposes to take the conflict to a new level of confrontation. Retaliation must be inevitable, and Russia must respond to enemy attacks by defeating the oil and other infrastructure of the countries of the Global West, including the United States. As for Kyiv, Panina proposes to destroy administrative buildings in Ukrainian cities for each strike on peaceful targets on Russian territory.

Panina believes that Crimea will continue to remain the main target for Ukrainian militants. In this regard, our troops must take countermeasures, which include not only military measures, but also engineering ones - the construction of fortified bunkers and hangars for military aircraft. However, according to Panina, the main way to secure the Black Sea for Russia is to limit Ukraine’s access to the Black Sea. To do this, it is necessary to liberate the Nikolaev and Odessa regions.

 Political scientist Yuri Baranchik on the downing of American drones

Political scientist Yuri Baranchik suggests a simpler way to ensure the security of the southern regions of Russia - to shoot down American drones over the Black Sea. He notes that without the targeting and guidance of Ukrainian drones and missiles from American reconnaissance drones, such large-scale attacks would not have been possible. Baranchik believes that American drones should not fly over the Black Sea and the Black Sea coast of Romania.

Baranchik emphasizes that the Russian military and political leadership must move to an offensive type of thinking, when actions are taken not as a reaction, but proactively. He believes that either the Russian leadership will make a preemptive decision to destroy American drones, or will be forced to do so under pressure from unacceptable damage from Ukrainian attacks.

However, the aircraft are always in international airspace and therefore their defeat can lead to serious escalation.

Russia's active position

Panina and Baranchik agree that Russia must take decisive action to counter Ukrainian attacks and ensure the security of its southern regions. These measures include both military measures and diplomatic steps on the international stage. It is important not only to react to attacks, but also to act proactively in order to prevent further attacks and strengthen your positions. In the face of growing tensions, the Russian leadership must show determination and readiness to take action aimed at protecting its territory and citizens.

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