Return Move (1981).
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Return Move (1981).

Return Move (1981).


  • Genre: Action

  • Country: USSR

  • Duration: 84 minutes

  • Director: Michael Tumanishvili

  • Starring: Boris Galkin, Mihai Volontir, Anatoly Kuznetsov, Vadim Spiridonov, Elena Glebova, Alexander heels, Anatoly Romashin.

Return Move (1981).


Went the end of the military exercise "Shield". Grouping "South", which were sent to the shelf not only the Marine Corps, but also the air assault, planned to attack the airfield "North", which is well defended coastal battery, battalion protection and motorized infantry regiment. Saboteur "North" had to hide in tanks with flour, so that they have penetrated into the zone "South", and attempted to seize one and Chief - Chief of Staff of the Airborne Regiment. Also, defusing the guards, they were able to seize the documents, which was with him myself.

Return Move (1981) .2


Saboteurs was captured by Colonel Moroshkin, which consisted in "Northern" group, it later turned out, had hidden on his body beacon. But his scheme was discovered, it was removed from the lighthouse and put it in a wool sheep.



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