Feedback on MAX-2015, notes everyman
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Feedback on MAX-2015, notes everyman

MAX 2015, notes inhabitant.


29 August, I specifically, from St. Petersburg to Moscow got at MAKS.

The trip from the very beginning has not worked. To begin with, I was able to get a train ticket with the arrival in Moscow only 10 morning. It was my cardinal error. Taking into account traffic jams and minimum information on roads in the direction of Zhukovsky (I've only seen a couple of index sheets with the words MAX), we traveled by car around 4 hours.

His contribution to the series of troubles brought the weather. Even at the entrance to Moscow, I saw the tip of the Ostankino Tower is the famous restaurant was covered with thick low clouds.

MAKS Air Show

In Moscow, where almost every week there are different holidays and festivals, often at the expense of the city treasury, and could become generous to disperse the clouds during the mass visiting spectators.

Finally, after a long drive and torsion, we found out by accident (because employees of traffic police for some reason were not aware) that the car can be left in Bykovo, at the airport. And here we are, the whole column of several trying to get to the unfortunates MAX finally in circular traveled Bykovo airport, got on a big field. After almost an hour of driving on a country road at a walking pace, we arrived at a checkpoint.

No problems have moved to the actual airfield field. It was divided by means of pegs and colored ribbons in the parking area, and with the arrival of trucks filled. But what is most interesting markings of the parking areas was observed. Really it was difficult to designate each zone check box labeled "A1", "A15", and so on

And that later, on the way back, leading to the fact that the crowd Motorists roamed the endless field in search of his vehicle.

Quickly stood in line on the runway Bykovo, we finally took a bus to Zhukovsky.

MAKS airshow 2

After inspection, during which the program has finished pilotazhniki, we went to the exhibition itself.

Besides a large board at the entrance with a map plan of the exhibition, indexes and other information I did not see.

Why was it difficult to type on at least one sheet of the layout plan of the exhibition, I can not understand. Having such a scheme in the hands of the visitor could quickly find exactly what he is interested in, and do not walk in the role of Moses in the desert.

In the static exposure exposed (the impression formed), all equipment that were able to gather the cities and villages.

Yes, all these planes honored and pride and respect, but they are full of all aircraft and about aviation publications and print and online.

Yes, that day I realized that being a day for mass visiting! Thick stream of people on both sides, a tight circle of visitors around the fences fence, waving sea of ​​human heads. And only on keels large aircraft, you can understand where you're moving. People were walking, standing, sitting and lying on the grass and on the shoulders of others.

Apparently, for safety reasons, all the programs were not flying over the heads of people, and somewhere, far away, and looked like a few points on the distant horizon. Even a simple overflight parking I did not see.


On the domestic environment.


After spending a few hours on your feet, then rain, then sun, the natural human desire to sit down somewhere. Relax, have a meal and a smoke. But at the disposal of visitors was only airfield grass, and a few chairs in the cafe.

Designated Smoking I saw. Everyone was smoking at your own risk anywhere, zatrambovyvaya butts into the grass.

Urns small-no, instead they were trash cans, conventional, yard, which stood near the pavilions.

The pavilions themselves, due to the large influx of people, it does not even get to the barrier exhibits. About conditioners apparently not attended to, the stale and humid air is pushed out of people.

Toilet stalls (especially after the first day visits) could be more. While on the other hand, the cabins can be found on the huge queues, especially feminine, pretty quickly.

With regard to food in the numerous mobile shops and stalls, it had the strong impression that they have gathered from all flea markets of Moscow and the forecourt. Price lists and smell completely kill the desire to try something.

MAKS Air Show

I understand that such a global event zateivaet primarily for big business and politics, but still comparing with parades of the USSR (according to eyewitnesses of course), for the common people a little insulting.

Many smart and experienced family gathered at the International (!) The air show on a picnic or barbecue. Mats on the grass, deck chairs, thermos and its food from home.


The bus taking us from the exhibition

back to the airfield Bykovo, there was silence.

Maybe a lot of impressions can be a terrible fatigue,

It can be thought of as the search for your car

Autograph on a huge field of airfield

and maybe all together, we made thoughtful people.


MAX 2015, in my opinion, apart from the extent of the field, was no different from the holiday aviation, small-town airport major Russian cities.

Only here the organization of the festival for visitors there is often better.

For a long time, 15 years ago, at the air show in the town of Pushkin, near St. Petersburg, we have seen almost all the same. And the parking lot, and in the air. Only it was no pomp, cries of exclusivity, and somehow at home or something ...

Max Air Show

If this is my next trip, I'll try to get there in the days to visit specialists.

The article expressed the author's personal opinion on the organization of the air show for the inhabitants.

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