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80 units of the new heavy aircraft entered service with Russia to 2024 years. This was stated at a regular meeting of the Military-Industrial Commission. Aircraft Project developers PAK TA voiced some tactical and technical performance of its unique creations.

PAK TA, flying at hypersonic speeds, able to reach any point on the Earth for 7 hours. According to statements, the aircraft can fly at a speed of 2 thousand. Km / h at a distance of flight 7 thousand. Km and a lift in the air cargo in 200 tons. If necessary, a fleet of these aircraft will be able to carry out rapid transfer of "armored fist" of four modern "Armata" tanks, and with full ammo and all the necessary accompanying services.


PAK TA will transport equipment and personnel in the area where they are needed at the moment. The main cargo is to provide anti-aircraft missile systems, multiple rocket launchers, installation launching missiles, self-propelled guns, tanks "Armata" and the machine type, "Sprut-SD". Weight of sophisticated tanks T-14 «Armata" is still completely unknown, but according to official data provided by it will be no more than 50 tons. It turns out that the PAK TA is able to transport up to four tanks at a time.

PAK TA aircraft can carry four "Armata" tank

Freight compartments will be on several levels and have the possibility of automatic loading / unloading. Moreover, the system assumes the descent supplies and personnel by parachute.


According to the project work of official information has been underway for several years. In this modern technical specifications are quite different from those that have been adopted at the beginning of creation PAK TA. According to the first specifications of the next generation of aircraft could fly at speeds of 900 km per hour with a flight range of 4,5 thousand. Km.

Finally it is worth noting that under the PAK TA program is planned to create not only a transport aircraft, but also a variety of other aerial vehicles with carrying capacity of up to 80 200 tons. They gradually displace the production of transport aircraft Ilyushin and Antonov Design Bureau.


The development of military aircraft PAK TA, most likely, will belong to aviation complex skill them. SV Ilyushin, and the basis for a new project, according to many experts, may be a IL-106 project, which is characterized by carrying capacity in tons 80 and won the tender at the end of 1980-ies, but after the collapse of the USSR was abandoned.


OKB Ilyushin Aircraft

On 2020 plan to resume production of TU-160 ..... About which PAK TA is it? ... WHERE FROM money?

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2000 km / h - 2 maha and where hyper- here?

Obviously, the journalist confused the super- with the hyper- ... or maybe modestly made a mistake due to the fact that he did not understand the planned design characteristics. For example, we all know that according to the data open to journalists (earlier), the "Caliber" had a range of 1500 km, while in fact it was up to 3500 km. Why and why this is done is an interesting and partly secret question))) So if the journalist was told that they are planning hypersound, but still the design minimum is Mach 1.5, then most likely they will come out somewhere by 4-5 Machs to the lower bar hyper = and upper super-

This is the aircraft of the future!

Fake same.

Do not fake, and the imagination. Jet itself still does not exist.

And it is not a fantasy. It is planned construction. Terms of readiness is known, 2024, the

Have a sensible ... PAK TA is nonsense

The same thing, we heard in 2010 about the T14 Armata tank, and? At 15 Armata was already on Red Square, at the parade ...
So say everyone who does not believe in their homeland - in Russia and thank God, we have always proved the opposite to you ... and it will be the same with a new plane !!!


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