Panic among Russian air carriers. Can we expect more care of several airlines?
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Panic among Russian air carriers. Can we expect more care of several airlines?

Panic among Russian air carriers. Should we expect the departure of several more airlines?


The latest news from the world of aviation experts, despite the positive, are unlikely prospect. The first thing to note is the fact that over the past two weeks, many Russian airlines have reduced the value of their tickets, and, it happens almost at the same time and for a variety of routing in routing, which may in turn indicate a panic caused, in all probability, lack of passengers.



The low price of air tickets is a positive effect for almost all passengers carrying out flights both on near and long-distance air routes, however, some experts suggest that a sharp drop in prices, and in some cases the cost of air travel dropped to 90%, may indicate a low The congestion of aircraft, and consequently, the lack of customers. Of course, at the moment it is nothing more than speculation and conjecture, however, given the fact that in fact, the civil aviation of the Russian Federation is going through far from the best of times, it is worth suggesting that this can be evidenced by panic among domestic air carriers due to the lack of customers And the need to eliminate part of the air routes.



There were at this suggestion, and skeptics who argue that the drop in prices is mainly due to the holiday season, however, this assumption can not agree because the real offered by airlines price their services are really very low, which can also indicate an attempt to create competition by dempingovaniya ticket prices.



Whatever it was, but the resulting "hole" and "holes" is as quickly as possible to close up, or even a number of Russian air carriers may simply cease their activities. first of all, you need to make optimization of airline, to choose the most popular ones, and establish the most effective air traffic here, and, in fact, we can talk about more than a few hundred air routes, which suggests that the choice really is.


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