Right Stuff (1983).
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Right Stuff (1983).

Right Stuff (1983).


  • Country: USA.
  • Directed by Philip Kaufman.
  • Starring: Scott Glenn, Ed Harris, Barbara Hershey, Dennis Quaid, Pamela Reed, Sam Shepard


The feature film takes viewers back to 1947, at the very moment when the first aircraft was preparing to launch at a secret US base, the destiny of which was to break the sound barrier.



One of the main characters of the film, the highly qualified pilot Chuck Yeager, has to pilot the plane, however, due to an unexpected break, the launch of the first supersonic aircraft X-1 is postponed, but Chuck, having gathered all his will, finally reaches the required result and outstrips the speed of sound.



After 8 years, in 1953, the selection of the best pilots begins, who must set new speed records, and they are found. Trained by Chuck Yeager, the guys achieve incredible success in the flight business. 



In 1957, the USSR launches the world's first satellite, which gives rise to the space race. Nevertheless, Chuck Yeager in this case is strongly opposed to the space race, and he is expelled from the new team. However, things don't go as planned, and all 7 astronauts die without completing their mission. At the time, the war veteran prepares to break new speed records in his rocket-powered plane, and is making huge strides that could finally help the Americans get into space.



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