Yakovlev Bee-1T


UAV "Bee-1T" refers to a complex of highly mobile, which provides real-time, and species of intelligence on the set of television equipment. It is used as a set, performing a quick interaction with missile weapons "Grad" and "Smerch". Remote piloted aircraft from the ground station at a distance of up to 60 km. In the Russian Federation ranks weapons was passed in 1997 year.

Upon request, "Bee-1T" can be completed in such a way that it is able to change in the main compartment of the target load at its discretion and to perform other tasks.

Parts of the complex are:

  1. The mobile ground station control with pre-control and start system, the system that is placed on an armored personnel carrier BTR-D.
  2. UAV "Bee-1T" in the amount of ten units with launching boosters and other consumable resources.
  3. The car "Ural-4320», used as a processing machine (TM).
  4. GAZ-66, used as a freight-loading vehicle (TLV).


NDPU used as a transporter of a UAV, which is located in desantiruemye freight container. Immediately being software-launch start-up and control of UAVs, the wording of the teams receiving and flight control, data processing and display images on the TV screen area, received information being recorded on a VCR. In a further embodiment, it may provide an external radio. The power plant is U-032 - two-cylinder two-stroke internal combustion engine.

RPV has the ability to deliver payload to the designated place or region, providing management teams according NPDU and transmit information.

Among the payloads are allocated:

  • basic version - TV equipment;
  • on request - the equipment that simulates aerial targets.

TM is used for the preservation or re-entry, maintenance, refueling UAV fuel, preconditioning and repair of remote aircraft maintenance work, the preparation and drain the fuel mixture and to decrypt the received information.


TPM is responsible for the transportation of aircraft up to two pieces at the same time, carries out the evacuation UAV landed with the landing and doing exercises NPDU. Because the complex is completely self-contained, preparation and launch of RPV from unprepared positions are possible. Driving from one ground station at the same time two remote devices can "Bee-1T."

RPV starts from booster unit, accompany him in this two starting rocket engine solid fuel. Planting is done on the basis of UAV drones majority - with the help of parachute suspension system.

Combat use of "Bee-1T"

For the first time this unit is used in the illegal military conflict in Chechnya (1995 year). Then Russian troops used five vehicles "Bee-1T" who have committed a total 10 operations, eight of them fighting. In total, they have flown more than seven hours. During the military operations Chechen war using dense barrage managed to shoot down two UAV "Bee-1T."

Yakovlev Pechla-1T characteristics:

Modification   Bee -1
Wingspan, m   3.30
Length m   2.80
Height, m   1.12
Weight, kg   138
engine's type   1 AP
Power, hp   X 1 32
Cruising speed, km / h   120-160
Radius of action, km   60
The duration of military intelligence, h   2
Practical ceiling, m   3000
The minimum flight altitude, m   100


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Yakovlev Pechla-1T


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