"Printing" on airplanes 3D-printers. The modern approach to the production of aircraft.
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"Printing" on airplanes 3D-printers. The modern approach to the production of aircraft.

"Printing" on airplanes 3D-printers. The modern approach to the production of aircraft.


A group of scientists from the University of Illinois expressed the theory of the method of manufacture of aircraft parts 3D-printing, which saves on the release of aircraft to 5% of time and reduce the cost of production of the aircraft by the amount of up to 4 7%. Information to date been actively discussed aircraft manufacturers from various countries, with the first intention to begin production of these aircraft were expressed Aircraft Corporation Airbus.



The advantages of the new method of production of aircraft is really a lot. Given that direct human control at work 3D-in printer will not decrease the cost of production, and if the value of the aircraft before Catalog Airbus A350-800 was 261 million dollars, with the new production techniques, it may be reduced to 244 million, which naturally attract the attention of all airlines in the world. In addition, because the 3D-printing according to the given drawings, the likelihood of any error is virtually eliminated, while at the same time it is worth noting that people in any case will carry out the control and components manufactured air hub for future aircraft.



Because 3D-Printers only sparingly used material, and the process does not require specific equipment such as the press and automatic forging line, significantly reduced the production of the aircraft, allowing to increase the volume of production of finished passenger aircraft during the year.



It is also necessary to emphasize such an important factor in the production of aircraft as reducing the weight of aircraft, which in turn leads to fuel savings, albeit very small, according to some estimates it is about 2-3%, but still, it is also, along with other technologies certainly find satisfaction in the majority of air carriers in the world.

Nevertheless, in order to put the production of passenger aircraft and parts to them on a mass flow, it is required to develop a special composition for 3D-printers, which would take into account all the technological features of conventional components. In particular, it is necessary to take into account such an important factor as the hardening of the metal, which leads to hardening of the structure of the components of the aircraft, which, unfortunately, does not currently support the 3D-printing technology. There are other factors, such as the location of the fibers of the material, the tensile strength, etc., and only after the special material for 3D printers is selected, it will be possible to confidently state the success of the current innovation.


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