Percival Pembroke / Sea Prince. Photo. Characteristics.
Percival Pembroke / Sea Prince. Photo. Characteristics.

Percival Pembroke / Sea Prince. Photo. Characteristics.

United Kingdom

A type: Twin-engined piston light utility / transport aircraft

Capacity: A crew of two and up to eight passengers

Aircraft of the Royal Air Force "Pembroke", developed on the basis of commercial aircraft to service local airlines and transportation of high-ranking officials "Prince» (Prince) of "Pesival" end 1940-ies, went into operation in 1953 year as a replacement aircraft Anson in number of units of communication. Being slightly larger, it had an increased wing span and location of passenger seats backwards in accordance with standard practice, the Royal Air Force. About 45 aircraft "Pembroke" With 1 were transferred to the Air Force.

They served up the 1988 year, performing a variety of tasks from transportation of goods to photo prospecting and aerial surveys. Ahead of the Royal Air Force in using the Pembroke for at least three years, the Royal Navy aircraft acquired its first (out of three) Sea Pembroke aircraft from the 1 at the end of 1950. Unlike subsequent Pembroke planes, these first aircraft of the Royal Navy aviation were almost similar to the Prins civil aircraft of series II and were used for special communications tasks, including work as an “admiral boat”. The ensuing “Sea Prince” T 1 was very similar to the Pembroke I Royal Air Force, used as a “flying classroom” to train navigators and conduct anti-submarine warfare.


By plane lengthened nose, which was posted saucer radar antenna, and the interior of the fuselage equipped with a complete set of relevant systems and radio equipment, set so that you can fit three more students. With 1953, in all aviation fleet was put 41 plane T 1, and the last of their items in the aviation school of the Royal Navy had been replaced by planes "Jetstream» (Jetstream) T in 2 1979 year. .

Basic data


· Length: 14,02 m

· Wingspan: 19,66 m

· Height: 4,87 m

Aircraft performance characteristics:

· Maximum speed: 360 km / h

· Flight range: 1850 km

The weight:

· Empty: 4349 kg

· Maximum take-off: 6125 kg

Power point: two radial engines "Leonides» 127 company "Elvis"

Power: 1120 l. from. (835 kW)

Date of first flight:

· 13 May 1948 of the year (civilian Prince aircraft)

The surviving airworthy modifications: "Pembroke" With 1 and "Sea Prince" T1