Flight air
Flight air. The longest routes

Flight air. The longest routes


Sit on the plane for several hours almost completely motionless quite difficult, especially if you can not take yourself something interesting. In this case, the flight reservation can be painful and problematic, but flying just a few hours, many passengers do not realize that the number of foreign airlines operate two longest direct flights when the plane has to be more than ten hours, and in this case, flight reservation It can really turn into a real nightmare.

What is the world's longest flight air transport? It's hard to believe, but the airliner Airbus A340-500 Singapore-owned air carrier "Singapore Airlines"Performing a flight from Newark to Singapore is in the air for about 19 hours. Indeed, in this case the airline is very important to provide comfort to its passengers, and therefore, the current flight is one of the most comfortable, which offers passengers a number of additional. Already included in the ticket price of services, but of course, to pass the time in an airliner is unlikely to happen because of the fact that even if you decide to take a nap, you will not want to do it over 19 hours.



In second place is air flight from Los Angeles to Singapore, Singapore Airlines running «Singapore Airlines» in the airliner Airbus A340-500. The duration of the flight following the direction of the order of 18 hours, which also malokomfortno and for many are simply not acceptable, although it is the fastest way to get from one part of the globe to another.

In third place is the air flight from Johannesburg to Atlanta, operated by "Delta Airlines"Lasting for about 16 stravlyaet and a half hours.

As for the Russian flight, the longest flight air belongs to the airline "Aeroflot", which operates flights on the route Moscow - Cancun takes about 14 hours, which is certainly less than that of air overflights of the above, but also worthy of attention.