Hop on a plane with babies
Hop on a plane with babies

Hop on a plane with babies


Even with the advent of the baby there are situations when you need to take a flight. It is often a misconception that fly to infants is strictly prohibited.

Unless otherwise indicated the pediatrician and the mother feels good, it will not bring the danger of flight. A child can make the flight from birth, in such a small age flight carried even easier. The baby in the short-lived flight in general can all sleep, but older children would be contrary their curiosity. But as the plane at an altitude of itself is not particularly play out, they quickly become bored. This should take care in advance and bring your favorite books or toys. Children before the flight is necessary to explain how to behave when the aircraft is climbing or vice versa sit.

At such a time of turbulence is usually pawns ears, but with frequent swallowing of saliva is reduced sensation. The youngest children should be given the breast or bottle with the mixture, when drinking it too will feel relieved in my ears. Another question to consider is the place where the child will reside. Pass on the plane with strollers prohibited, It will take away the ladder and returned only upon arrival. The smallest allowed to lie in a cradle on a separate seat. This will allow the young mother did not keep your child at the hands of the entire flight.

Some aircraft are equipped with child seats, so when buying a ticket it is possible to check with the operator. Safety on the way should observe everything, no matter what a child is, or adult. Even with a newborn cradle need to strengthen the safety belts. For kids sitting on their own to ask topecial children belt He has all the flight attendants. Feeding children will not have no problems, as there are children's menu option. For breastfeeding mothers question the food will disappear by itself. Artificial feeding also helps dilute the attendant, just ask him about it in the desired hour.

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